In Search Of Jesus

Once the crowd realized that neither Jesus nor his disciples were there, they got into the boats and went to Capernaum in search of Jesus.  John 6:24 (NIV)

Can we see a difference between the people of Jesus´ day and that of ours?  If we stop to look at the situation around us, what do we see?  There are many churches.  But how many people really spend any time searching for the Lord?  Most people go through stages where they seem curious about God.  They may find a congregation.  They may go to church or to meetings.  But what are they looking for?  What are we looking for?  Are we really looking for Jesus?

Far too often does it seem that for all our religious efforts, all we are really trying to do is clean up our lives a little?  So many times, do we approach Christianity merely because we sense our waywardness and would like to be a little better people?  Do we come to consider God for more personal motives?  Do we come before Him because we think we can improve ourselves or our standings?  Do our motives get muddled and confused?  Are we approaching the Lord for the right reasons?

Looking at the simple people of Jesus´ times, they actually stopped what they were doing.  They did not just devote a little left-over time on the weekend.  They had to leave their house to go and find Him.  They had to search the country.  They had to cross lakes.  They had to camp out in remote places at times.  But they came.  They left what they were doing.  They felt the same secret urge inside, but they actually were moved.  They were moved sufficiently to set out and find Him.  Do we today set out with this same intention of finding Jesus?  Should we?

Those blessed people who searched for Him, actually found Jesus.  Those who dropped what they were doing to seek Him got to see Him.  Those who really wanted to hear what Jesus had to say, had the opportunity to hear His voice.  They heard His message.  They were amazed.  People got fed.  People were healed.  People were brought nearer to God.

What about now?  Could our churches today benefit from a little more of the same attitude of those people so long ago?  Could we get past ourselves and try to come to Jesus to actually find Him?  Could we lie down our notions of bettering ourselves or positioning ourselves higher in the eyes of others?  Could we press forward in our search for the actual Son of God?  Could we come to Him to actually know Him?  Could we come to Him so that His words penetrate our souls?  Could we come to actually Hear Him?  Could we start a walk, a relationship with Him?  Could we drop something, anything or everything in our effort to get into His Presence?  Could we go out of our way to find Him?

Let us pray today for followers who look around themselves and notice when He is not present.  Let us make every effort to set out and do whatever it takes to find Him!  Let us be the kind of people who will not rest until we are there with Him!  Let us push past lofty ideals.  Let us get past the fine arguments of sufficient grace already found.  Let us actually move ourselves to be with Him!  Let us make it a daily effort.  Never let us hold off trying to be with Him only for the weekend!  We need Him now!  We need Him today!  Shall we set off on the greatest quest of our lives?  Shall we set off in search of Jesus now?

Dear Jesus, we would like to seek You now.  Please be with our quest.  Please enable us and strengthen us in our search!  We want You!  We want to be close to You!  We want to hear You!  We want to see You and Your movement in our lives!  We do not want to settle for anything less!  We want to find You!  We want to know You and follow You!  Help us today!


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