Why We Look

Jesus answered, “I tell you the truth, you are looking for me, not because you saw miraculous signs but because you ate the loaves and had your fill.  John 6:26 (NIV)

After feeding the multitude Jesus and His Disciples crossed the lake at night.  The next day it dawned on the people that Jesus was not with them.  They set out to find Him.  They too got into boats and went to Capernaum to find Him.  When they finally did find Him, they asked the Teacher about His disappearance.  He gives them this response.  He tells them there is something within them that is happening.  He explains that we may see it our own way.  But we look for Jesus because of something spiritual that is happening to us.  We don´t look for Jesus because of the physical evidence set before us, do we?  Do we look for Jesus because we have tasted something a little deeper in our souls?  Have we been fed with a different kind of Bread?  Has Something eternal and extremely powerful entered into us?  Is this what has filled us?  Is this what we hunger for?  Is this why we seek Him?  Is this why we look for Jesus?

Today in our busy societies what have we turned our religion into?  We parade into our churches.  We follow the acceptable norms.  We teach each other and ourselves from a wealth of studies and sources.  Some go a long way with their faith.  Some don´t put in much effort or interest.  But what is it behind all our commotion?  What is it that drives us to look to God?  Do we simply need structure?  Are we creatures of habit?  Must we all fill our lives with rituals?  Are we like sheep that must follow something?  Or is it what Jesus is hinting at?  Is there a hunger lying way beneath the surface of our hearts?  Do our souls recognize their need for the God that made them?  Are we empty deep inside until the Lord comes to us?  Are we only truly fed when Jesus in near?  Do we all search for a Saviour even when we are not aware that this is what is happening to us?  Could this be why men turn to all kinds of vices?  Do we so often choose to ignore this lack within our souls?

Jesus is taking the time to bring our attention to what is going on deep within us.  Are we listening?  Are we ready to step out in faith?  Are we going to start believing in the Son of God?  Are we going to settle with physical interpretations?  Are we going to stop short at high theoretical ideals?  Or are we going to recognize our hearts yearning for God?  Are we going to cultivate this budding hunger?  Will we work along with the nudging and the encouragement of the Holy Spirit?  Are we going to let it move us?  Are we going to set out?  Are we ready to look for Something that may help us today and forever to come?  Are we ready to look for Jesus?  Are we ready to seek Him in our daily lives?  Will we stop and be satisfied?  Or will we embrace this hunger for the Bread of Heaven?  What will we do?  Shall we look?  Does it help us to know why we are looking?  Will it help us find that what we look for?

Dear Jesus, You were sent to us.  God has His purposes.  He has always had His intentions for us.  Even when we do not realize it, we are drawn to the Lord.  Please help us to recognize this need to be with our God.  Please let it dawn upon us that our hearts need You.  When we wake up and realize that You could be closer.  Let us give in to our hunger and set out to look for You!  Let us not rest until we are there with You forever!


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