What We Must Do

Then they asked him, “What must we do to do the works God requires?”  Jesus answered, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.”  John 6:28-29 (NIV)

Is it something within our nature?  What is it about us that always makes us want to “DO” something?  Do we need a set of rules to follow?  Do we need to have a routine?  Is it structure that we are looking for?  The people confronted with Jesus want to know.  They ask Him plainly.  They go straight to the point.  “What is it that God wants us to do?”  They beg Him to tell us?  Jesus answers.  But is Jesus answer what we want to hear?  Is the work Jesus describes different from what they had expected?  Could they have been waiting for something like, “be good to your neighbor, go to church, or make a declaration of faith?

Jesus asks us to believe.  He gives this as the thing we can do to please God.  Great!  Now we have our secret remedy!  Now we know the trick!  Now we have our action!  Now we can do what God requires!  Now we can come to Him!  Right?  Or is this just the beginning

Before we can proceed, should we work out with our Lord what believing really is?  Is it an action we can get over with in an instant?  Is it something that we can take care of, and then once it is accomplished we can forget about?  Or is it something that opens us up inwardly to Him?  Is believing in Jesus, actually opening our hearts to listen to and to hear His words as if they apply directly to our daily lives?  Does is make us set Him above all else as the authority and the qualifying factor?  Does believing Christ is the Son of God; mean that He becomes our Way to the Father?  Does believing in Jesus mean that we should open ourselves to an intimate relationship with Him?  Does it make Him vital to every decision, every thought and every action?  Does it make having Him with us essential to every moment of every day for our entire lives?  Does believing in Jesus mean that the closer we are to Him personally, the closer we are to God?  What do we think believing is?

We have choices.  We could try and make our faith into many different things.  We could try to say that believing is to find a set pattern of actions to follow.  But is that what Jesus gave us?  Instead did Jesus always bring us back into direct relation and direct contact?  Did He always point us to a sincere and honest approach to a Living Entity?  Did He ever expect our religion to become mere professions?  Did He ever set a number of rules?  Or did He want us to look past the rules and find our Lord?  Did He give us outward expressions to seek or God Himself?  Did the Father send us Jesus so that we finally could have something better than an image or an ideal to follow?  Is believing in Jesus the perfect Way for us to show that we believe God is real and that He loves us?  Would we like to believe in a caring individual who sacrificed everything to draw us all together?  Would we like to please God?  Would we like to “Do” what is required to come to know Him?  Will we listen to Jesus´ encouragement?  What will we do?

Dear Jesus, we wonder as others have done.  What is it that You would have us doing to please God?  Is the answer still the same for us today?  Should our secret remedy be to believe in You even now?  What will it take?  How can we accomplish this?  Will You help us?  Please open our hearts to You today!  We want to please God and do what He requires!  We long to hear our Father´s approval!  We want to come!  We want to be near the Lord!  We want to believe!  Please show us now all that believing in You can do for us today!


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