True Bread

Jesus said to them, “I tell you the truth, it is not Moses who has given you the bread from heaven, but it is my Father who gives you the true bread from heaven.  John 6:32 (NIV)

As we examine the Holy Scriptures, do we see a remarkable error which pops up again and again?  Have we humans always had the propensity for reducing God right out of His creation?  Without trying has our race constantly seen what they choose to see?  Do we consistently look to the physical world around us?  Is it where our focus is?  Do the noisy passing scenes and situations we face normally take up all our attention?  Do we do this until whatever left-over thoughts we have for God are washed down to a minimum?  Could this be the work of some devious enemy of our Lord combined with our fallen nature?

We look first to food.  We look to actions.  We look for loud proclamations.  We look to our fine intentions.  We look to high ideals.  Yet all the while God is near at hand.  He has never missed one tiny detail.  In fact, it was His planning, His wisdom, His love, and His hand which prepared all of what we see happening around us.  Even the bad things that happen, God has to permit.  But He sets the limits.  He says up to what point is allowed.  But He is also there to say beyond which point He will not allow.

However people don´t see with the eyes of God.  We weigh things by our experience.  We weigh things by what we can see.  We have always done it.  We would need supernatural help for us to overcome our demeaning habit.  Those of Jesus day spoke as if Moses had given them the bread from Heaven.  Jesus had to remind them that no miracle, no substance, no mighty expression originates from man.  These are from God!

Therefore, would we do well to break free from our habit of making big of what we see here?  Could we do so much better if we could realize that there is a mighty God behind what we see?  Is He here?  Is He active?  Is He moving in powerful ways?  Where do we think our bread comes from?  Are we removing the right from God to say that He gives us our bread?  Are we belittling Him by saying that we got it from another?  Is it possible that the real Bread that will feed us is of a completely different nature?  Has the Father given us a marvelously filling Bread by giving us His Son?  If we feed off of what Christ can be for us, will we be far more nourished than any other dough we may consume?  Is Jesus the True Bread that God will give us today?

Dear Father in Heaven, something stirs within us.  We feel the pangs of hunger.  But the awareness is beginning to dawn upon us that our need is not only physical.  We need to be fed by something bigger than our earthly bread.  We need something that will last much longer, fill us more, and give us the strength to draw closer to You!  We need a Living Bread!  Please work Your miracles in our lives today!  Send us this Bread we pray!  Send us a part of You!  Send us Your Son!  Let us feed off of Him!  Strengthen us!  Nourish us!  And fill us in Your name!


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