Killing Jesus

‘Has not Moses given you the law? Yet not one of you keeps the law. Why are you trying to kill me?”  John 7:19 (NIV)


Jesus is receiving opposition.  People are undermining His authority to teach and heal.  Jesus is forced to explain His actions.  While doing this He uses the moment to expose those who would harm Him.  Yet in the words He uses, is there a message for us today?  Could we find something up building?  Could there be something even those of us who would put ourselves at the opposite end of the spectrum from the Jews of Jesus´ day?

We also have been given our religions to follow.  We have many things already lined out for us.  What do we believe we should be doing?  Are we already doing them?  Are we model citizens and good Christians?  Should we think that the words of Jesus cannot touch us?  Can they still!

“Not one of you keeps the law.”  Jesus says.  Can we see our names included?  Will we accept incrimination for the sake of seeking a cure for the disease of humanity?  Will we accept our need for a Saviour?  “Why are you trying to kill me?”  It is obvious these words do not refer to us.  But could they?  If we truly want to please the Lord, could we see when we let Him down? Can we see that we also do Him damage?  Does it hurt the God that loves us when we fail to look to Him as we should?  Does it pain the Lord when we look to our own personal goals?  When we remove our eyes from our Saviour do we leave Him hanging?  He went to the cross for us!  How can we stand to leave Him there?  His heart goes out to us.  It always has.  How many times did He morn over the lack of importance we place on our relationship to God?  How often did Jesus cry out for a little more urgency on our part?  Did He ever remain silent about His wishes for us to take Him serious?  Did He feel the pain of our distance from God?

If we make our faith into something cold and distant, we hurt Christ.  If we remove the intimate quality of our worship, our prayers, or our devotions, does it just kill our Saviour?  Perhaps it is time for us to return to Him in humble honesty.  Could we drop to our knees and make an effort to draw near Him now?  Could we do everything within our power to make Him real and cultivate our relationship with Him today?  If we are able to restore any distance which may arise between Jesus and us, could we assure that we do Him no more harm?  Would we then be truly free from the blame of trying to kill Him in any way?

Dear Jesus, we realize that we turn to many other things when we should turn to You.  Please show us our treason.  We do not want to hurt You.  There were those long ago who did not want to hear the truth of their own harmful intentions.  Please save us from a similar mistake.  Teach us to please You!  Teach us to always seek You!  Help us seek the closeness that You are asking for with us.  Help us place all importance and all urgency upon our relationship today!  We do not want to kill You any more than we have already done.  Help us we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg.

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