Find Out About Jesus

If anyone chooses to do God’s will, he will find out whether my teaching comes from God or whether I speak on my own. John 7:17 (NIV)


Jesus says that those who truly choose to do God´s will are the ones who will find out about Him and where His teachings are coming from.  To those who achieve this one requisite, the gates will be opened.  These will be the ones who find out whether Jesus speaks on His Own or if His teaching comes from God.  So how does one fulfill this requisite?  Who is left out there doing this?  Who is doing the will of God?  Nearly every branch of every church along with each different religion would defend their beliefs and say that they are the ones who have got it right.  But which is the correct one?  Can they all be better than the next?  Or do their differences and squabbling show where they truly have their intentions?

This is an age old question.  It is a good question.  Should we deem it worthy of much prayer and meditation?  Should we each bring it before our Lord personally?  Or would we like to think we can resolve it alone?  Do we prefer to count on our own experience?  Do we choose to depend on our own intelligence?  Have we studied more than the next guy?  Did our church organization make a more complete study on the issue?  Have we reached a higher level of enlightenment than the church down the street?

We could choose to run the course alone.  We could make up our minds by our own power of will and determination.  But would we be more than demonstrating whose will we are really doing?  If we are clinging firmly to the right to be judge over these matters, than how on earth can we say that we have chosen to do God´s will?  On the other hand, if we choose not to be the experts, if we bow our heads and admit that there are still things within the unlimited wisdom of God that we don´t know, will we be forced to look to Him for all our answers?  By refusing to be the judge, do we leave that role for Him?  By bowing to Him for everything, will we then truly be choosing His will over our own?

Perhaps we have taken a path that deviates from God´s true course.  Is it possible that in our effort to stand strong on our faith, that we have wandered from a very important element of faith?  When we bolster ourselves up in the name of the Lord, are we far too often just bolstering ourselves up?  Is the promised revelation of Jesus Christ going to be awarded to that kind of believer?  Or is Jesus saying that a different nature is required?  Could Jesus be telling us that the promises are to be given those of a more humble manner?  Instead of the cock-sure Christian, is He encouraging us to be head, heart, and knee-bowed Christians?  Could it be possible that the Christian that truly looks to God´s will, could be found in nearly any of our varied faiths?  If it is done not by loud and confident declarations of our self-approval, then might the simple hearted who actually falls to his knees before God find their reassurance?  Could the humble needy souls who approach God for Everything, be the ones who receive the great reward?  Will our yearning hearts be the ones blessed enough to find out about Jesus?

Dear Lord, we bow to You today.  We would like to step out of the rat-race for a moment.  We would like to admit our own humanity.  We have our flaws.  We tend to look to ourselves.  Today we choose not to have confidence in ourselves.  Please write Your words upon our hearts.  Tell us what is important for us now.  Bless us with the opportunity to need You, listen for Your voice, and turn to You!  May You find some still, who would refuse to squabble, who bow our heads to God, and ask of You each day where to turn! 


By S.D Wonenberg

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