To Know

Then Jesus, still teaching in the temple courts, cried out, “Yes, you know me, and you know where I am from. I am not here on my own, but he who sent me is true. You do not know him, but I know him because I am from him and he sent me.”  John 7:28-29 (NIV)


We are insistently blind.  We keep coming to the Lord with our eyes full of the world.  The crowd is murmuring.  They say they know Jesus.  They try to rob Him of His connection to God.  He cries out!  He shouts out in the temple courts!  He says it is true.  Much is known about Him.  But are we getting the point?  Are we seeing what is going on?  Are we receiving Him and His message as He would have us do?  He says that God is true.  He says He was sent by Him.  He says He knows God!  He knows Him because He is sent to us from the Father.  But the painful accusation He gives, is that we don´t know God!

Once again it would be great to push these words off on another person.  What relief we could find by incriminating another yet set ourselves safely out of the picture.  Jesus is talking to the Jews that refused to accept His teaching.  But we have accepted His teachings.  Therefore there is no way Jesus is talking to us, right?  Or is He?  Could He be cutting right through the haze of our humanity?  Could He be exposing our ignorance?  Could He be describing something that afflicts us all?  Could He be pointing out the distance and the separation that exists between us and our God?  Could He see with all clarity the One Who is hidden from our view?  Could He be bringing us to a very important point in our faith in God?  Is it crucial for those who would want to know God, to realize this aspect of Jesus?  Is the One sent from the Father, essential to us if we are serious about knowing the Lord?

Could it be time for us Christians to make this realization in our daily lives?  Would it change our entire outlook if we were to know that to approach God, we need His Son?  Would our religious efforts finally find some progress if we knew how to enter into a relationship with the Divine?  We build our religious lives, our daily lives, and our entire system of belief on many different things.  But could we simplify our search considerably?  Could we take a step that actually gains us ground?  Could we look to Jesus to find the Father?  Could we come near to Christ to place us in the Presence of God?  Would Jesus Be the perfect solution?  Is He the Key?  If we can know Jesus, will we have found the Way to Know God too?

Dear Jesus, we hear Your cry!  Your words pierce the commotion of the tabernacle!  They ring throughout the years!  Small-minded men would limit our approach to God.  Some would make it complicated for us to draw near to Him.  They have made it nearly impossible for us to know God.  But at Your cry, our hearts leap within us!  We have found our assurance!  You pull our attention to You!  You fill our vision!  We long to know You more!  The more we come to You, the fuller God looms into view!  The closer we come, the more we find! Wonderful discoveries!   Sweet bliss!  Thank you!  Thank You!


By S.D. Wonenberg

One thought on “To Know

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