Where Jesus Has Gone

Jesus said, “I am with you for only a short time, and then I go to the one who sent me.  You will look for me, but you will not find me; and where I am, you cannot come.”  John 7:33-34 (NIV)


Jesus tells us that for a time we will be able to see Him.  He lets us know that He will go Somewhere else.  His description is short.  But we are not completely in the dark.  He says that we will look for Him.  But do we need to wonder about where Jesus has gone?  Where is it that He is talking about?

In our age of refined thinking and superior education we think we know so much.  We stand proud on our years of education and the diligent studies of countless men who have handed down their wealth of knowledge to us.  How many Christians now spend more than a few seconds on a text like this?  Do we feel well versed on the subject?  Can we easily say that we know all that Jesus meant to tell us in His teaching?  However informed we may be, is it possible that we still fail to capture some very important issues?  Could our pride and confidence bar us from some special enlightenment?  Could we get so sure of ourselves and our mentors that we fail to reach a new level of nearness to the One we say we would like to know?

Jesus makes no secret.  He tells us where He is going.  He says it is a place we cannot see.  He says it is a place where we will not get to for all our efforts.  But where has Jesus gone?  Who today even cares?  Should it be an issue?  Should we like to know?  Or do we prefer to brush the issue off?  Do we like to do away with it by an easy and effortless shrug of our shoulder?  Do we like to say simply that He has gone to Heaven?  Do we then leave the whole matter of where He is in the vague mists of metaphors and wispy celestial ideals?  Since we cannot picture it, do we settle our attention on more tangible affairs?  Do Jesus´ words prove true for us because of our lack of sight?

Could the hint of Jesus fall on the ears of a few curious souls?  Are there still people alive today who will perk up their ears when they hear of where Jesus has gone?  Will we be spurred by a secret bent within us to step up the search?  Will we refuse to satisfy ourselves with convenient explanations?  Are there still some of us out here who will fall to our knees?  Will those of the burning heart go back again to their Bibles?  We know we don´t see Jesus.  He has gone Somewhere else.  But shall we not rest until we are at His side?  Shall we make it our most urgent desire to be with Him still today?  He says that we cannot go where He is at His Father´s side.  But if our heart is truly with Him, then shall we also make some progress in reaching Him?  He says He has gone to the Father Who sent Him.  If we could draw near to Jesus, would we also be drawing near to God in Heaven?  Instead of some distant imaginary place where we like to picture the Divine, could we still today make every effort to have our hearts and souls with Him in the Place where He has gone?

Dear Jesus, we know You are speaking of spiritual things.  Our limited sight would hinder us from reaching the Place where You are with the Father.  But if we can be found in You, if with You is where our hearts are, then we will be content to wait for further revelation.  But please do not let this mean there is any separation and no distance between where You are and us!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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