Streams Of Living Water

‘Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.”  John 7:38 (NIV)


Who has ever spent some time out on the waters?  Those who have braved the seas or challenged a river will be able to testify to the strength and the power that water holds.  Those who have experienced a flood or a tsunami may pass from respecting water directly to a healthy fear.  It is strong.  It flows where it will.  It sweeps everything along with it.  It swirls over much and carries away what it can.  It is a powerful and mysterious force.  Is one of the most beautiful and picturesque ways to describe the movements of the Holy Spirit?

Jesus stands.  It is a crucial moment.  He declares in a loud voice.  He speaks to those who believe in Him and what the scriptures tell us of Him.   He says they will have streams of Living Water flowing with inside of them!  We may struggle to understand because the Holy Spirit cannot be seen.  But our hearts do not need to give up hope.  Is Jesus handing us a marvelous description?  Is He offering our straining souls a physical likeness to help us see what happens spiritually deep inside?  Are our own spirits lifted to hear of how the Holy Ghost is at work?

Streams of Living Water!

Does it sound like there is abundance?  Can we imagine where the streams come from?  Do we need to see where they will end up?  Does the description Jesus gives show vividly that the Currents flow not where we will, but where God has designed?  Does it sound like there is power and strength?  Could the Spirit Be a force which is directed and purposeful?  Will It carry along all who seek to ride those waters?  Will It fill, flood and wash over as the Lord wishes?  Is there any force on earth that can stand in Its Way?

The offer has been made.  Jesus declared it.  What is left is for us to decide?  Do we need to know the consistency of those waters?  Do we need to know their chemical properties?  Or could we focus our hearts on the fact that we could ride the Waters of the Lord?  Could we share the greatest of all pleasures of being carried along by the Spirit of God?  Could we allow His strength and His purpose sweep us away on His Holy Course?  Could we plunge deep into that Great Current?  Could we believe this wholly in the Bible and the words of Jesus Christ?  Could we come to experience the blessed Streams of Living Water?  Are there any left who would let go of our familiar shores?  Who today wants to be flooded with the Holy Spirit?  Are we going to sit quietly aside and let others know the joy that comes with the Streams that Jesus is holding out for us right now?

Dear Jesus, Your words reach us even today.  As You call out and draw us unto You, please let us release our grip on the banks of our earthly scene!  We want to experience the powerful flow of God´s Spirit!  We want to be swept away!  We want to yield to those Currents!  We want to be carried by the Streams of Living Water!  We want the Holy Spirit to flood into our lives and well up inside of us!  Help us believe.  Then let the Blessing follow!  Let It float us safely to You!  Let It bring us to Your Shore!  Let the River flow!


By S.D Wonenberg


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