The Spirit

By this he meant the Spirit, whom those who believed in him were later to receive. Up to that time the Spirit had not been given, since Jesus had not yet been glorified.  John 7:39 (NIV)

By now surely we have all had time to consider how much importance we should place upon what the Bible calls the Spirit.  But have we taken sufficient time to let the Lord teach us on the subject?  Have we gone to Him in earnest?  The Bible touches often on this mysterious Personage within its pages.  Christ speaks as if the Spirit Is a familiar figure.  Some religions worship Him as an essential part of the Godhead.  Have we learned enough about The Spirit of God to realize His connection with the Divine?  Without starting an argument or offending people´s carefully groomed beliefs, can we at least see a need to come to know what vital intimacy each Christian should share with the Holy Ghost?

Here the Spirit is described as a reward for true belief.  He is received by some.  Up until a certain point in time, He had not been given.  Does this mean that to gain access to this vital Gift, one must first be open to experience Him?  Does it mean that people who hold out on the fringes might never have the possibility to know Him?  Does it mean that without giving the correct amount of urgency to God and His Son, we shall never receive such enlightenment?  Does this urge us forward in our pursuit to know God?  Does it make knowing Jesus of highest importance?  Are these lofty goals for each of us?  Should these be exactly what the true Christian is all about?

Without attempting to describe one of the most mysterious and amazing Beings, could we still proceed forward with a genuine desire to receive Him into our hearts?  Can we embrace anything and Anyone Who is sent to us from above?  Will our hearts reach out to and actively pursue such personal engagement with God as He tries to connect with us?  Shall we each dive into our own individual studies of the benefits He could bring into our pursuit of God?  Could we see that by His blessed filling we will certainly be drawn closer in our walk with the Lord?  Is This Something we seek?  Is the Spirit what we could ask for today?

Dear Lord, we see painfully clear the distance still found between us and our Goal.  We long to be in Your arms and consciously within Your Presence!  We hear of a Gift from above.  We hear that the Spirit of God can be given to mortal men and women.  Even if our earthly eyes cannot see such splendor, we boldly pray for nothing less!  We ask that we too may receive this Gift from You!  Send us we pray Your promised Spirit.  Send us this Mighty Force that will pull us ever closer to You!  Send us One Who will show us the Father and the Son!  Give us today Your Great Holy Spirit!


By S.D. Wonenberg.

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