Follow The Light

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”  John 8:12 (NIV)

Follow The Light

When Jesus speaks, He says He is the Light.  He is the Light of the World.  Those who follow Him will not need to walk in darkness.  They will have Light for their lives.  They will have the Light Of Life!

We live in dark and scary times.  The fact that we are well-fed and comfortable may make these times all the more dangerous.  How will we be able to detect whether our hearts are with God if our lives are so filled with bustle, distractions and an endless array of possibilities to gain?  Yet when the Light of Jesus is shone into our lives, we see how treacherous our situation is.  When Jesus illuminates the scene, we see clearly how far we wander from our Heavenly Father.  We realize we need Him.  We realize that we need Him constantly flooding us with His Light.  We need Him to see!

Therefore some choose to follow Him.  He gives us this choice.  He says that if we do look to Him, if we do actively follow Him, we will have this Light.  What a wonderful promise!  But what are we talking about?  Are we talking of a mere declaration?  Are we talking about a choice we make once and then never need to think about again?  Or are we considering taking on a whole new direction?  What does it mean to follow?  Could it mean that we will have to get into motion?  Will we need to pay pretty good attention?  Will we have to be alert and look carefully so that we are not separated in the crowd?  Will we need to get to know the One we are setting so much trust upon?  Will we need to substitute our personal agendas?  Will we need to start accepting His desires, His direction and His goals?  Will we be able to keep the say on everything?  Or will we have to give Jesus the authority in our lives to set our values, our interests and our desires?  Will our time be our own?  Or will we need to constantly watch to see when He is moving?  Will we be able to settle comfortably down to rest?  Or will we need to be quick to see where He is going and make sure that we are right there wherever He decides to go?

The whole notion of following may seem strange to us.  Do we prefer to make little of the issue?  Do we see the improbability of our ever seeing with a new set of eyes?  Do we accept a low take on what may be going on in the spiritual realm all around us?  Do we reduce following to mean that we take on the name Christian?  Is this how we think we will step into the Light?

The promise is there for those who would go far enough to secure it.  The Light of Life can be known by people like us!  The thing that hinders us is this condition.  It is a condition which may seem like a burden for some.  But for those who hear the words of Jesus and sense a burning within their souls, it will be nothing but a pleasure for them.  Those who yearn to have Jesus as their Light, will gladly embrace anything that draws them closer to Him.  So if we need to set aside our personal issues and accept the attitude of one who follows, let Heaven rejoice!  Let the promise follow!  Let us follow the Light!

Dear Jesus, we hear Your voice calling us to step out.  There may be much that we must leave to do that.  But please help us recognize this pull within our soul.  Let our hearts burn with the greatest of all needs.  Let us need to be with You!  Fan the glowing embers inside into a raging fire that is bent on being always right where You are!  Help us follow the Light now and for all eternity!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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