The Light That Knows

Jesus answered, “Even if I testify on my own behalf, my testimony is valid, for I know where I came from and where I am going. But you have no idea where I come from or where I am going.’  John 8:14 (NIV)

The Light That Knows

Some people cannot accept that Jesus is all that He says He is.  They say and do what they can to reduce Him.  They try to find a reason not to turn to Him.  They would stop others from coming to Jesus too.  As part of their argument they say His testimony of Himself is not valid.  How can Jesus be His own witness?  How can the whole world drop everything and believe all He is saying?  How can we accept His testimony over all that we know?  How can we believe all He says of His Father and the Heavenly Kingdom if He is the only One who has ever come from there to talk of it?

The testimony Jesus uses to calm our doubting souls is that He knows.  He knows what He is talking about.  He knows from Whom He came.  He knows the One Who sent Him.  He knows What that place is like.  He knows what it is like in the Presence of the Father.  He knows that is where He is from.  He knows that is where He is going.  He testifies to these things.  This is what is different about Jesus.  This is what is special about Jesus.  This is why He testifies.  No one else has been there.  No one else has ever been sent to us from that place.  We are all from here.  Even if we have been touched from above, it doesn´t completely wipe away our origins.  But Jesus????

The claims Jesus makes and the reaction to Him that He asks is that we look to Him.  He asks us to look to Him as the Light by which we see.  Some resist.  But we can still choose.  Instead of singing a few songs or hearing another speaker then walking out the door, could we look to see if Light is beginning to glow inside of us?  Instead of spending a few minutes in our daily devotion then rushing off to busy ourselves with our own lives, could we turn our attention to Him?  Could we look to see if He is shining in our lives?  Could we look to see if He is close to us?  Could we examine our hearts and notice how warm the fire of His love glows inside of us?  Shall we take the matter seriously and actually work out with Him just how His Light affects the Way we live?  Do we use Him as the Light by which all else is illuminated?  His testimony is that He knows.  How much do we know?  Shall we draw closer still to the One Who is telling us He knows?

Dear Jesus, forgive us if we doubt.  Remind us again that You know.  Help us to come nearer to You and Your light.  Shine all around us.  Fill us with Your Light.  Flood us with It!  Let it be what charges us to live!  Let it be what we use to see all else!  Let us trust only what we see with Your Light and let us count everything else as darkness.  Let us be so close to You that You illuminate for us Your words!  Let us be so fully in Your Light that warmth glows and touches all else we come into contact with!  We don´t see everything.  But You know.  Shine dear Jesus, shine in us!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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