When Jesus Is Lifted Up

So Jesus said, “When you have lifted up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am the one I claim to be and that I do nothing on my own but speak just what the Father has taught me.’  John 8:28 (NIV)

When Jesus Is Lifted Up

Jesus talks of being lifted up.  This sounds like an actual event.  Have we seen it come to pass?  If we believe that the words written in the Bible are there for our instruction, what have we gleamed from this teaching?  Where has it lead us?  How has it helped us?  Did it lift our spirits once-upon-a-time?  Or does this teaching have a more eternal quality to it?  Is it a Living Word?  Has it the capability to instruct us further than it did way back when?  Could it teach us and build us up even now after it already had its effect at some level at another point in time?  Could the words of the Lord actually have this kind of power?  Could they be like Him and be able to touch, heal and move in a limitless number of ways?

Christ was lifted up on a cross.  He died and paid the price of our redemption.  Is this what Jesus was talking about?  Or could it be just one of thousands of enlightenments wrapped into His Living Words?  Jesus was raised up from the grave.  He spent time in a tomb after we crucified Him.  Could Jesus be speaking of being lifted up from His resting place?  Or might this be just another example of how many levels His words may instruct us?  After laying down His life to make a Way to restore mankind to their God, Jesus was lifted to a place of honor in Heaven.  All the heavenly beings bow to Him for He Is the Holy Lamb of God.  He is the conquering King.  Is this what Jesus is referring to?  Or could there be more?

Inside the heart of man there is also a place of honor.  We usually reserve this seat for ourselves.  We learn at a very young age to boost up our ego, pamper ourselves and assert ourselves.  We weigh the value of everything according to how it can raise us up higher.  We use all things in our lifetime to help us lift us up and keep us in a place of honor and importance.  We unconsciously protect ourselves from anything that may lower us in any way.  But when we come to believe in Jesus, does our heart recognize that the real seat of honor belongs to Him?  Could Jesus be hinting to us through His words that this is what should come to pass?  Could we stand in a new Light and start down a new path of enlightenment when inside our soul, Jesus is lifted up there?  If we are able to remove ourselves from the seat of importance and bow to Christ lifted up in our hearts, is this when we will know?  When Jesus is glorified in our lives, is this when His claims come to life for us?  Is this when we know He does nothing on His own?  Is this when we see that He is sharing with us what the Father has given Him to teach us in every given moment?

These are not the times where men are willing to put aside our self-orientated ways.  But if we could learn to lift Jesus up high enough, Could we possibly receive some new enlightenment?  Could God still shine His Light into our lives?  Could the scriptures come alive for us?  Would we like to find out if He has something more for us today?

Dear Jesus, You have promised us much in spiritual terms.  We can see where we have limited You when we look too much to ourselves.  We would like to follow Your instruction.  We want to lift You up in our hearts and in our lives!  Be exalted!  Help us!  Show us new and exciting ways to honor You in our lives today!  Let the promises follow, but not before You are lifted up in us, we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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