Jesus´ Claim

‘I told you that you would die in your sins; if you do not believe that I am the one I claim to be, you will indeed die in your sins.”  “Who are you?” they asked.  John 8:24-25 (NIV)

Jesus´ Claim

The world is divided.  People choose to believe what they will.  Even in the churches all around the earth men and women hold different opinions.  Some look up to Jesus.  Some look higher than others.  Some churches put Him on a pedestal.  Some prefer to have Him reduced to a replica or a painting.  Some bow to Him.  Some hold Him close.  Others like to hold Him as a removed or distant ideal, memory or example.  Some study Him every day.  They go far out of their way to get to know Him and His words for us.  Others only do this only as it conveniences them.  What do we believe about Jesus?

Do we ever stop to think?  Are our opinions of Jesus just a small piece of who we are?  Are there so many other things that we focus upon?  Do we hold important jobs or positions?  Do we have many great qualifying factors?  Or is our belief in Jesus the one distinguishing thing about us?  Is it what moves us?  Is it what makes us who we are?

Immediately after Jesus told them that they would die in their sins if they did not believe, people were asking Who He Is.  Do their questions reveal their true beliefs?  What is there about us that reveals our true belief?  Is it our firm declarations?  Is it a way of life we have chosen?  Is it the denomination we choose to attend?  Is it because we live our weekly life in a church community and routine where we feel comfortable?   Or have we taken our belief in Jesus Christ even further?  Have we gone past our best religious jargon?  Have we pressed deeper into the Scriptures?  Do we need to know Him for ourselves?  Do we reject the enticing distractions of the earth and willingly go through any inconvenience to find Him in real experience?  Do we sacrifice time and attention in our pursuit?  Do we reject complacency and demand real encounters?  Do we recognize a deep yearning within our soul that will not rest until we are actually hearing His voice?  Is it our most vital desire to feel His warm embrace?  Would we suffer any consequence just to see the smile of approval on the face of our Lord?

When Jesus claims to be our Savior, is that what we believe He is doing for us now?  Are there still parts of us that question Who Jesus Is?  Or have we made His claim into our belief?  Is our belief in Him which has its claim on us?  Can Jesus claim us for His Own?  Are we His?  Are we serious enough about Him to examine our hearts?  Could we ask ourselves Who He Is to us right now?  Could we do this before our thoughts and actions betray us before Him?

Dear Jesus, we believe.  We want to believe!  Help our disbelief!  Remove anything in our lives which may stand between us and separate us from coming fully to You!  You can make the great claim.  Only You are the Lamb of God!  Only You can claim to be God´s triumphant One!  Only You can bring us clean unto the Father!  Let us overcome our unbelief and to make You the One who has complete claim over us.  Be our Saviour!  Be our Guide!  Be the most important thing about us today!


By S.D. Wonenberg.

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