While There Is Light #Jesus #to God #work of God

‘As long as it is day, we must do the work of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work.’  John 9:4 (NIV)

While There Is Light

Whenever Jesus opens His mouth jewels of great value pour out.  His words are gifts to us from above.  Jesus is healing a man who was born blind.  This man had lived his whole life in darkness.  As Jesus is changing this man´s fate in life, He gives us a small window of enlightenment.  The Son of God lets us look into the mysteries and wonders of the Heavenly Realms where God is at work.  He lays out for us the things we cannot see.  He tells us that as long as it is day and we can see, we must take advantage of that.  The night will come.  Then we will not be able to see.  Then we will not be able to do the work of God.  What is the message this speaks to us?  Is our Saviour telling us that while we have Light, we need to use it?  Is He telling us that while He still shines His Light into our life, we should use that to fulfill the wishes of the One Who sent Him?  If so, what are those wishes?

Perhaps we Christians have already received a mortal injury from the one who would harm us and prevent us from entering our Heavenly Home.  Is it possible that the dark powers have succeeded in deceiving us considerably?  Can we detect a sense of superiority within the congregation of those who believe in God?  Do we think we really know what is going on in Heaven?  Do we think we are experts on a place, an entire realm that we have never seen?  Or could there still be much which we still have to learn?  Could this be why we need a Guide?  Is this why we need Jesus so?  Is it so that He can shine a Light for us and help us to see what God would have us see?  Is it so that we can know that God is working to bring us together with Him?  Is this what God is forever working on?  Should this Light of Jesus help us see this?  Should the Light of the World which was sent unto us show us what our part is in this process of returning to our Father?  Is this why we should hear the urgency in Jesus´ voice?  Is this why we should work now while we have His Light?

Jesus says darkness and night are coming.  He says there is a time where it will be difficult to see and therefore impossible to work.  If we take a look at the state of the world and the spiritual scene around us, do we get the impression that darkness is falling upon us?  Could we be reaching a stage where the Light of Jesus is becoming difficult to detect?  Should we sense the urgency in our Saviour´s voice and make all haste to respond to His encouragement?  Should we let Jesus shine within us now?  Shall we set our other priorities aside for a moment?  Could we let Christ do the work of the One Who sent Him within us while there is still enough of His Light to shine a Way for us?  While there is the Light of Jesus, can we work to make it into the Presence, the will, and the arms of God today?

Dear Jesus, we hear the urgency in Your voice now.  We see the darkness of our times.  We want to take advantage of whatever Light You can still shine for us.  Please illuminate Your Word for us.  Fill our lives with the Light of Your Presence!  We want the work of God to be accomplished within us!  We want our hearts to be washed white as snow!  We want all the impurity of our self-oriented ways to be exposed and a Way illuminated for us to be cleansed!  Shine Your Light in us so that we may see where God is at work!  Help us see how to make is safely to His arms!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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