The Light Of The World #Jesus #Christ #Saviour

‘While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”  John 9:5 (NIV)

The Light Of The World

Can we detect the Light of Jesus today?  Where around us can we see Him shining?  Jesus calls Himself the Light of the World.  He says that while He is Present there is illumination.  But how often do we stop to think about it?  What are the Scriptures speaking to us now?  What is this teaching us today?  Does it even affect us?  Is it stirring anything within us at this moment?  Or have we locked this truth away with a thousand of other religious ideas we think we have settled once and for all?

Do we think that our religion should be a vibrant living thing?  Should it be something we engage in and let envelop our entire being?  Should every aspect of our lives be included in this transaction?  Should our relationship with God be something present in everything we do?  What about the way we think and the way we talk?  Or has our religion faded to a point where we do not get that worked up about it.  Is it possible that we have let our spiritual beliefs slip into a loosely-held ideals.  Do we find ourselves focusing more on the busy job of running our daily lives?  Do we unconsciously forget to bring Jesus into the here and now?

Are the words of Jesus piercing through the comfortable lifestyle we have grown accustomed to?  Can we hear Him now?  Is He calling to us from our hectic agendas?  Is there a light filtering through right now?  Is it the Light of Jesus?  Is He what brightens our day?  Is He what helps us to see where to place each next step?  Is He showing us right now what to hold as important?  Are we close enough to Him to know what He would have us look to now?  Is He asking us to make an important decision today?  Is He asking us to step out in faith?  Are we allowing Him the right to say how we should feel about each given decision?  Is He illuminating the path forward for us?  Does it bring us closer to God?  Can we see through His Light exactly how steadily we are approaching the Father?

Jesus Christ is called the Light of the World.  This is the title He gives of Himself.  There are many questions to ask.  We could hurl those questions upon others.  We could put the unbelievers on the spot.  But are we the ones who want to walk in that Light?  If so, then are we doing everything within our power to assure that we are not cowering in darkness?  Is Jesus shining within us now?  Are we standing today in the full flood of the Light of the World?

Dear Jesus, we have a tendency to shy away from the interrogation lights.  We don´t always want the true leanings of our heart exposed.  But please help us overcome our tendencies.  Help us want to step into the Light of Jesus!  Help us want nothing less.  That Light may expose all our weaknesses.  But You can become our strength.  You can illuminate us!  You can hold us up in That Light!  You can be there to Guide our every step!  Please shine the Way for us to come close to our Goal!  Take us by the hand!  Lead us!  Take us into that bright Unknown!  Take us to the very feet of God we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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