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He replied, “The man they call Jesus made some mud and put it on my eyes. He told me to go to Siloam and wash. So I went and washed, and then I could see.”  John 9:11 (NIV)

The Process

What a wonderful example of the touch of Jesus!  A man who never was able to see in His life is touched by the Son of God.  Miraculous things happen!  Faith is expressed!  Health is restored!  Glory is shown, and we have another reason to praise the Lord!

The common conclusion would be to look with earthly eyes.  We could try to make this story and others in the Bible, to talk only of the physical and outward change.  What a relief and what a blessing!  A man now gets to have the simple ability to see that most of us have and take for granted.  He can finally see the world around Him!  But would we fall short of the Lord´s expectations and see only what is on the outside?  What about the spiritual restoration which is sure to be of more lasting value?  Should we rather praise God for touching this man in a way that restores him in faith?  Can we see the value of a life that has come into contact with God and has learned to trust in Him?  Shall we examine the process?

First of all Jesus is needed.  We need an Arbitrator.  We need Someone Who can bridge the gap between mortal man and the Almighty God.  This is where Christ comes into the scene.  Then we need an act of God.  We need the arm of the Lord activated and working on our behalf.  Should it be of great interest for us to know personally that He is working in us individually?  Would it help us work along with His efforts?  Once we have been touched by Jesus, then should we be moved into action?  Should we make a step in faith?  Will we need to trust Him enough to get up from where we were?  Will we need to be affected sufficiently so as to move from where we are, and accomplish that what He impresses upon us?  Will we actually have to DO something?  Once we have taken Jesus to heart and gone and washed what needs to be washed is it then where we will see the miracles?  Is it then when we are restored?  Is it then when we can truly see?

Contrary to the fashionable concept of settling for a firm declaration, should we think that God actually want us to be changed people from our contact with Jesus?  Far from the idea of making a good mental calculation, will we actually need to allow ourselves to connect with Jesus in an intimate Way?  Will we need to let Him touch us in a Way that affects us and moves us to trust Him?  Will we need to accustom ourselves to follow His every word?  If we truly want to see into the mysteries of God, do we think that He would expect us to go through some kind of process?  What do we perceive that process is like?  Could this story be a good example for us?  Where do we see ourselves?  Are we seeing the sweet face of our Saviour now?  Are we able to hear His voice?  If not, should we ask Him to lead each of us through our own process until that glorious day when our eyes are opened?  Can we star that process now?

Dear Jesus, we want to see God!  We want our eyes to be opened to His glorious wonder!  Open our hearts to a point now that will let You touch us today!  Begin a new work in us!  Move us into action.  Help us to follow what You tell us in our hearts.  Give us the strength of will to actually do what You ask.  Let us be washed.  Then, when You see that we have carried through faithfully, restore us to health!  Let us see Your face!  Show us the glory of God!  Begin a process of healing in us today we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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