The Gate #Jesus #Christ #God

‘I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. He will come in and go out, and find pasture.’  John 10:9 (NIV)

The Gate

Jesus uses many examples and references to help us see into the mysteries of God.  He refers to Himself using descriptions that He hopes we can grasp.  We have a tendency to take the words written in the Bible and try to make them mean what the earthly correlation describes.  We read days and years in prophesy and try to turn them events on our calendars.  But some things just don´t fit.  How can Jesus be a vine?  How on earth could Jesus be a gate?  Or wait! Is there a Way He could be one?

What is a Gate?  Is It something that keeps some things safely inside?  Is It something that maintains the undeserving things out?  Is It the door from one space to Another?  Is It the Way to go between those two areas?  Is It a necessary Channel by which all that would get to where we need to go must pass?  Does It hold care and security for those who are intended to use It?  Can the Owner of It be content that It is in place?  Can He be proud that It is functioning properly?  Is it essential for the well-being of those the Owner would protect?  Is It the One Thing that opens to bring us into the Pastures of the Lord?  Could Jesus, Be all this for us?

Jesus was slain by those of His times.  They claimed to believe in God, but failed to recognize the connection Jesus has with the Father we seek.  Could we be making the same mistake?  Could we today be settling for a lesser view of Christ?  Could we be holding strong on more favored impressions of Jesus?  Are we failing to make Him vital to our daily life?  We may talk loud and long about our convictions on Who Jesus Is and What He means to us.  But if we are not actually passing through Him right now, what claim do we really have on God?  If we are not consciously coming to the Saviour in personal experience, that can we say we are making it through the Gate?  How can we ever hope to see the splendid Pastures our God has for us, if we are not finding ourselves in this Gate?  How do we know we have been ushered through, if we do not see Him open the mysterious Land unto us?

Could we all afford to humble ourselves before Jesus today?  Could we all use a little more access to Heaven right now?  Would our faithful and loving Gate prove once again to be the only Way for us to come into the Light?  If we could actually find ourselves ushered into and through Him, will we then find ourselves in the Presence of the Divine?

Dear Jesus, You gave us a definition of You.  You always have a reason.  Please show us today in living experience just where You would lead us.  Are You offering to open unto us a whole new land of blissful pastures?  Could we actually come so close to You that we find ourselves completely in and through You?  Could we be so blessed?  Please take us and lead us into this Gate today!  We want to be that fully focused on the Lord!  We want nothing less than to make our God happy and come safely through the Gate He gives to bring us unto Him! 


By S.D. Wonenberg

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