Knowing Sheep #Jesus #God #Follower

“I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me — just as the Father knows me and I know the Father–and I lay down my life for the sheep.’  John 10:14-15 (NIV)

Knowing Sheep


Jesus takes the time.  He repeats Himself on purpose.  He gently leads us forward on some intricate issues.  Should we think that He really wants us to be clear on this particular subject?  He is teaching us on the relationship between Him and His Father.  He is teaching us the relation between Him and those sheep of His that truly follow Him.  If we are the kind of person who actually cares to know what kind of relationship we should have with Jesus, how much time and effort do we place each day on this vital facet of our faith?

We may like to be considerate and let others choose for themselves just how much of the Lord they want to have in their lives.  But if we are going to press forward in faith, is it just this kind of instruction from our Saviour that perks our ears?  Is it like hearing His voice beckoning to us to join Him for a walk?  Would we like to have more of our religion than just a comfortable daily or weekly routine?  Does the reminder of Jesus, His Father and His sheep knowing each other, just make us want to throw ourselves into His arms?  Have we decided to go further with our faith than merely being convinced in our minds?  Does Jesus description of intimate knowledge, make us want to interact with Him until we see Him reflected in all we say and do?  Do we find Him encouraging us to come so close to Him that we can see exactly how He is moving in our lives?  Are we anxious to be so familiar with His thoughts and His words, that we see how He is using them to draw us all to the Father?  Does our desire to know everything about Him personally, drive us to seek His love and kindness within our natures?  Do we seek without rest to share this love of His with all those whose lives we touch?

What exactly can we do about knowing Jesus?  Have we decided if it is even for us or not?  Have we decided we want to go out of our way to get to know Him?  Will we study up on everything we can get our hands and our eyes on about Him?  Are we going to try to find time to be alone with Him?  Will we stop with a superficial book knowledge?  Will we do like the scholars and scribes?  Or will we get up off our seats and go out to find Him?  Will we spend time gazing at Him?  Will we listen to Him with ears that hear what He is saying?  Will we pray in earnest that He opens the meaning He has for us for His words in every given occasion?  Will we settle for what we have already?  Or will we eagerly press closer for more?  Will we strain our eyes and ears to see and hear Him?  Will we search our hearts to see if His love is living there?  Will we look around us to see if the Love of God has indeed entered us in sufficient floods so as to pour out to all those around us?  Can others tell that we have encountered the Lord?  Will we examine how they can tell?  Will we want to know if it is because we are merely telling them profusely, or if it radiates from us in waves of love and enthrallment?  Is it a must for us to know that we are sheep that know our Saviour?  Who cares to know?

Dear Jesus, please help us to truly know You?  We hear Your words and know they are true.  Your sheep will know You!  We want to be that kind of sheep!  We want to know You like nothing on earth!  Enrapture us today with a knowledge of You we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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