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Believe In MiraclesDo not believe me unless I do what my Father does. But if I do it, even though you do not believe me, believe the miracles, that you may know and understand that the Father is in me, and I in the Father.”  John 10:37-38 (NIV)

Some people try and others don´t, to lift Jesus up to a worthy elevated place in their hearts.  Some struggle to let Christ be all He says He should be for us.  They forever doubt Him.  It is easier for us to question the importance of Jesus, than it is to hand Him all the keys to our heart and our entire future.  Jesus speaks of marvelous outcomes for those who do put their trust in Him.  But the price is high.  Are men and women still too reluctant to relinquish their right to rule in their own soul?  It is too great a task for most, to let Jesus Be the Son Of God.  Is it too much for us believe that He Is the One Thing we need.  To us Jesus gives this encouragement.  He says if we struggle to see Him as we should, we can look at the amazing things He does.  Are we able to see within the words, that Miracles do happen when we are around God?

The Saviour says that we do not have to believe Him unless we find Him doing the wonders that we would expect to find from God.  But He also says that if we do find Him working as His Father does, we should be happy to put our faith in Him.  All the while does it sounds like amazing things should be expected?  But what did the people in Christ´s day do?  Did those who questioned Him, care little to focus upon the miracles that Jesus was performing?  Did they remain grounded in their hard hearts?  Did they prefer to dispute over earthly differences instead of open themselves to the marvelous works of God which Jesus was performing.  Is it possible that today we repeat this same short-comings?  Could we also have our sight a little too clouded?  Could we be missing some pretty amazing stuff merely because we fail to look for it?

Our God is amazing!  Wherever He is at work it is sure to be more wonderful than we can comprehend.  Is it just like Him to be surprising?  Is it like our Almighty God to work wonders that blow our minds?  Is it like the one who made the laws of nature, to be able to work far above those laws and perform miracles whenever He reaches out to touch His children?  Is our God that big?  If we have truly come to consider the Lord, should we also look to see how we are adjusting ourselves to Him?  Do we try as others before, to make Him fit our vision of reality?  Or are we open to see the miracles He is performing each day?  The religious leaders of Jesus day failed to look at the work of Jesus with an open heart.  They failed to be moved to see the wonder of the arm of God at work.  They were not even looking for it.  Do we have to fall to the same low standard?  Can we, if we choose, look above our frivolous lives and agendas?  Can we sit in the front row and expect to see God at work today?  If we were able to find a state of heart which was expecting the Lord to move in a powerful Way, do we think we would stand a better chance of seeing miracles happen in our lives?  Who is left now who is willing to look?  Who would still listen to the encouragement of Jesus?  Who wants to believe in miracles today?

Dear Jesus, open our eyes!  Open our hearts we pray!  Let us be amongst those who would look to see the arm of the Lord at work today!  To those of us who will look hard enough, please reward our sight.  Be please to move in our lives right now we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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