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Jesus Is Moved

When Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jews who had come along with her also weeping, he was deeply moved in spirit and troubled.  John 11:33 (NIV)

Have we suffered the loss of a loved one or friend?  Have we witnessed the silent reverence of spirit when the breath of life is removed from someone close to us?  A limitless sea of emotion can be released upon those left behind.  Some may feel sorrow.  Some feel anger or disbelief.  One can feel coldness and despair or the warmth and joy brought to us when our loved one was still alive.  It may be that we feel one emotion more intensely than the others.  Or we may experience the complete series of emotion as they play in turn upon our spirit.

Our Saviour was moved too, when He came to the place where He was confronted with the passing of His dear friend.  Even the Son of God was affected by the moment.  What is it about the removal of the spirit of life from a human being?  How much mystery is wrapped up in the life of an individual?  What mighty work of God is involved to place a spirit, a conscious entity, a personality within the framework of our bodies?  What marvel it is that a human being is made alive and filled with life, spirit and intelligence?  What a huge solemn reverence comes when we see that all that was in a person finally leave them completely?

Is it at all possible that without even realizing it when we face death and mortality, we are bringing ourselves within the sphere of awareness of God?  Is it in these moments where we find how fleeting is our own strength?  Do we finally reach a hushed reverence when we realized the limitations of our intelligence?  Are our senses bombarded with oversized emotions because without the flame that God lights within us, we lose our imagined grip on life?  Do those who scoff in anger or disbelief turn to their reaction out of a hidden fear of the unknown?  Would they choose this escape over the embrace of the God who tells us He gave us this spark of life for a reason?

Jesus was moved when He faced the scene of human mortality.  We do not have to be ashamed to do the same.  But we can choose to look to the Giver of Life, or hide ourselves away from Him in our pride or our emotions.  The difference is as wide as eternity.  Who of us will dare to look to God when we come to deal with death?  Will we follow the footsteps of Jesus?  Will we let ourselves be moved?  Will we let our spirits be troubled when we witness our God doing what God does?  Will we be reverenced and awed when we see the Almighty at His crucial work of administrating life?

Dear Jesus, when we consider life leaving one we care about we are undone too.  Thank You for coming to us from the Father.  Thank You for showing us You care.  Please draw us close to You now!  As we consider the loss of life, let us be moved as You were before us.  Let our spirit be troubled within us when it dawns upon us the size of work which our Father has!  Let us be moved in compassion.  Let our compassion throw us further on You!  Overcome us with an awareness of the Creator!  Bring us to the very throne of grace with our hearts in our hands!  Let us offer up our hearts and our souls unto God!  They are His!  Thank You for paying for them and becoming the Way for God to finally have what is rightfully His!  And thank You for being near in our times of pain!


By S.D. Wonenberg



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