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Jesus Cries

Jesus wept.  Then the Jews said, “See how he loved him!”  John 11:35-36 (NIV)

We have all heard of the love of God, but do we still sometimes find it hard to think that Jesus really gets worked up over us?  There are just times when we get to feeling sorry for ourselves.  Things aren´t going the way we hoped they would, and our pain and suffering mount up against us.  In times like these we can forget a very important thing about our Lord.  In these times where it seems the whole world is against us, we forget that Jesus feels it too.  We forget that we are in small what God is in extremely large.  We are made in His image.  The Son of God is no stranger to suffering.  Not only does Jesus see and feel what the Father feels, but He also walked in our shoes.  Those shoes that we are unfit to tie are still the same kind of shoes we wear each day.  Can we see the treason in our thinking if we let our hearts start wondering whether or not our Saviour knows how much we hurt?

Some may try to wonder if God cares that much for His children.  But that would be treason too.  Have we not read the story?  Have we never opened the Bible?  One would have to deliberately overlook great parts of Scripture to think along those lines.  One would have to skip the whole story of Christ.  Can´t we face it?  If we would choose to think like that; perhaps it is too late for us anyway.  Perhaps we should stop toying with religion altogether.  If we are coming to the Bible to turn it around and try and make God into Someone who isn´t reaching out to touch us, then could our eyes have been tampered with?

God loves us so much that He has always been willing to involve Himself just to prove it. Have we learned this much?  Can we move forward from there?  If we realize that God cared enough to send His Only Son to us, to suffer FOR us, then can we let our guard against Him down?  If we realize that we feel pain because we are like He Is, then can we stop looking for differences and focus on our likenesses?  Will we be able to get over our prejudices?  Will we recognize that we feel hurt because it is one of those things we inherited from our Maker?  Does this realization draw us together?  Does it make us of the same family?  Does it tie us and unite us in this aspect?  Would it make those insensitive souls who refuse to feel, to be the strangers?  Does it make us examine where our hearts are leaning?  Would we need to know that we do cry and sympathize with other´s pain, so be sure we are his children?

Can we open our eyes and see that God and His Son feel for their hurting children?  Is so, then shall we throw open our hearts too?  Shall we give Way to the strongest feelings of sentiment and compassion to all people everywhere?  Shall we learn to feel as Jesus feels instead of wondering if He can feel as we do?  Can we learn to have His sympathy?  Can we follow Him even in this?  Can we learn to let His heart and His love flow in us?  Can we ask Him to make us like Him in this?  Can we ask for compassion enough to cry as Jesus cries?

Dear Jesus, we don´t know exactly when and where we go wrong.  We have heard where it all started.  But we have all fallen from God´s high hopes for us.  Instead of letting our hearts wonder if You feel as we do, please help us to recognize that we feel because part of You is in us!  Let that love flow!  Let Your compassion flow in us!  Let us feel what You feel.  Let us care as You care! Let us cry as You cry!   Let us embrace our emotions as a part of our heritage to the Lord!  Then let Your love in us, work wonders in bringing us all to God!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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