So We Can Believe #Jesus #God

So We Can Believe

‘I knew that you always hear me, but I said this for the benefit of the people standing here, that they may believe that you sent me.”  John 11:42 (NIV)

Why is it that we Christians are offended if anyone questions our belief?  Is there more healing and restoration to God if and when we do come to consider Him?  Should we be grateful for any moment or situation which allows us to perfect our walk with the Lord?  Jesus stands in front of a grave.  Before He restores life to the dead, He prays to the Father.  Does our Saviour ever do anything off-hand?  Are all His movements and all His words carefully planned and executed?  Is it one of those marvelous wonders of our God that everything about Him and His Son can direct us and lift us closer to Him?  Is Jesus showing us again how our belief can become real?  Is He teaching us how to make what we believe place us right in the Presence of God?

Why do we just love to think that our belief in God is a subject that we have settled long ago?  Why do we bolster ourselves up and convince ourselves that we are closer to the Lord than some other guy?  Why do we use the commitments of time and heart that we have made to tell us of where we stand with God?  That we are fully convinced in our minds, and give or our tithes and offerings, is this proof that we fully believe?  That we have molded our lives around a routine of worship or living, and good sound doctrines, does this mean that our belief is a proven fact?  Or could Jesus still be leading us personally closer in faith?

Those who walked with Jesus in His day believed in Him too.  Yet is He using this moment of prayer to guide us beyond our superficial faith?  As He tells God of things they both already know, is He really speaking to us?  When He says that it is so we may believe, should we discard His teaching as if it were for only that moment that come and went?  Or is Jesus showing how every action can be connected to God?  Is Jesus showing through pointed example how each moment and every situation can be lived through in direct and conscious communion with the Lord?  We can say we already believe that God sent Jesus, but who can say that their belief has moved them to follow His example?  Who of us can truly admit that we walk and talk with our eyes on Him and not on our world?  Who of us is speaking to those we come into contact each day, with our words and intentions directed to them through God?  Are we also speaking to God as we talk to them?  Are we aware of His Presence in all moments of the day?  Is His Presence always felt?  Is it like a wondrous Cloud that covers the entire scene where we walk right now?  Can we say that we believe He is here?  Can we say in this instant that Jesus is sent to us from God?  Is Christ with us here too?  Is He working on us now?  Is He telling us something important today?  Is He doing this SO WE CAN BELIEVE?

Dear Jesus, please open our eyes to see where You are leading us now.  Never let us lose any of Your teachings to shallow understandings or a distant past.  Let Your words come alive today!  Let them bring us closer to You and the Father!  Let us follow Your example.  Let us walk and talk and pray in every moment directly with You!  Let us be this close!  In the Presence of God is where we want to be!  Take our faith there now!  Help us believe in a Way that keeps us there always!


By S.D. Wonenberg

Note: Pretty powerful song here.  If you don´t have time at least forward a little to the singing.  You won´t be sorry! -Scott


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