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To See Glory

Then Jesus said, “Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?”  Mark 11:40 (NIV)

Jesus is still moved.  He approaches the tomb where His friend is buried.  Time has gone by.  The last thing people think is that Jesus can still do something about the situation.  Jesus asks them to remove the stone that keeps the dead sealed off from the living.  But people are reluctant.  Just the thought of it stinks.  We know how foul the situation is.  Day after day the perished man has had time to decay.  This final outcome of sin ends in a putrefying process that is not a pleasant sight or smell.  We have experience to tell us what we will find if we carry out Jesus´ wish.  We trust what we have come to know about such things.  We can stand on what we know about this world.  We would be right except for one thing.  Jesus is here.

To learn something that will bring us closer to the Lord today, what is it that we must do?  Can we stand strong on our faith in this environment where we have been placed?  When Jesus asks us to remove the stone from the door of our heart now, we might imagine what we will find.  We have been dead in our sins for long enough.  We can make what we want of Jesus´ words.  We can think that He could not actually mean for us to go through with it.  Everyone knows well what our situation holds.  How could Jesus really ask us to do something that nobody does?  But Jesus insists.  He reminds us that He has spoken to us before.  He says that if we believe in Him, we will be rewarded.  He speaks with authority.  He speaks as if He knows what He is talking about.  He knows what we have learned to expect from this world, but clearly asks us to listen to Him despite our situation.  He asks for a little faith.  He asks for us to shift our faith from our understanding and let our hope rest in Him.  He asks us to follow Him and THEN we will see the glory of God!

It is a big step for us.  It is too big for most.  Not everyone is willing to remove the stone.  Not everyone is ready to hear what Jesus is asking of them today.  To proceed forward, will we have to let go of what we held onto before?  To see great things, will we need to trust Him?  To see Heaven in action with our own eyes, must we actually do what Jesus asks of us today?  To see a miracle happen in our lives right now must we deliberately step out of our known reality?  To see the mighty arm of God at work must we first trust Jesus instead of what the world is telling us will happen?  To see the glory of God must we take away the stone!

Dear Jesus, we hear you asking us to move into action today.  Your words come strange to our ears.  How will we ever be able to step so far out of what we see happening around us?  Our world is telling us not to make a stink, but we choose You over all that!  Take our hand as we follow Your wishes where experience with our world will not assist. Give us faith today!  Help us to believe in You!  Help us to remove the stone from our heart today!  We want to see the glory of God!  We want to see the miracle!  Help us, please!  Oh help now we pray! 


By S.D. Wonenberg.


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