While We Have Light

While We Have Light

‘Put your trust in the light while you have it, so that you may become sons of light.” When he had finished speaking, Jesus left and hid himself from them.  John 12:36 (NIV)

Do we secretly think we will always have Jesus with us?  If we get real quiet and real honest, can we detect times when He is closer, and times when He seems hidden from us completely.  Or better said, could we say that there are times where we hide Him from our own awareness?  Could we be doing this on purpose?  Are there times when we don´t really want Jesus with us?  Are there times when we turn to some personal delight or agenda?  Is it in these moments when we are turned to self, that we just wouldn´t feel comfortable thinking Jesus is with us and witnessing our behavior?  Are we doing this when we simply choose not to think of Him at all?

It may be comfortable to think that we always have time on our side.  We may like to think that if we leave some distance between us and our Saviour now, that it is OK.  We could reassure ourselves by saying Jesus loves us and will never forsake us.  His words are true.  But does that cover us when we forsake Him?  Can we keep pushing our relationship with Him off to another day?  Can we place more importance upon our things, and think that the moment we need Him, He will come running to be close to us?  Or could Jesus be encouraging us to take advantage of His call today?  Is He telling us now to do anything and everything within our power to get close to Him now?  Does He know that we will need that strength that nearness to Him brings, when our dark hours come upon us?  Does He know that we should be cultivating our strings of trust now while we can?  Will we need to be very familiar with the Light of Jesus so that when trying times come we will continue to walk as children of the Light?  Will we need the strength of our close bond to Jesus to hold us up when He is hidden from us for whatever reason?

Perhaps it is high time that we each stop and examine how urgent we are making our relationship with our Lord.  Is there any other thing that we are making bigger or more important than where we stand with Him?  Could our jobs or our careers have stolen our attention?  Is it our loved ones or even some big accomplishment we are pressing to achieve in our church?  Whatever it is that may divert our eyes from our Saviour, should we be painfully aware of where our Light is in every given moment?  Should we do all that we can to stand near and full in that Light while we can?  Will a good solid trust in our closeness be the only thing to cling to when darkness hides Jesus from us?  What will we do today while we have the Light?

Dear Jesus, come near to us now!  Come so close that we realize how much we need You and can depend upon You!  Strengthen our bond with You today.  Prepare us for when darkness may come.  Let us have so much of Your Light flooding us and filling us, that we remain with You through anything that may try to come between us!  Teach us to trust in our walk with You now while there is still time!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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