Hearts And Blindness

Hearts And Blindness

“He has blinded their eyes and deadened their hearts, so they can neither see with their eyes, nor understand with their hearts, nor turn– and I would heal them.”  John 12:40 (NIV)

The sun has set on the day when Jesus walked on this earth in flesh.  But long before He was ever born He was prophesied about.  The Holy Bible has this amazing quality.  Words written to a people and an age can and do have just as much pertinence and instruction to other ages and situations wherever they may find themselves in time.  They are spiritual in essence and meaning.  They serve to point us towards God.  Jesus uses the words of Isaiah who lived long before.  But He shows how those words point to what is going on in the hearts of people.  It is accurate to those who failed to hold the proper importance of Jesus´ message while He lived and walked amongst us.  What about today?

As we direct our attention to the Word of Truth, how does it bring into perspective what we see around us now?  Are people seeing the importance of knowing Jesus Christ?  Do we all understand exactly how much He can do for us?  Can we say that we know the urgency that our Saviour is placing upon this particular moment in time?  Are people letting go of the firm grip they have on their own hearts?  Are we truly offering up our hearts to God?  Or are we still blinded in so many ways?  Do we still prefer to hold our hearts out of reach of any suffering or discomfort?  Do we choose to love what costs us little or when and how it is convenient to us?

If we are sincere in our faith, would it be beneficial to examine our hearts with our Saviour now?  Could we ask Him to draw us closer still?  Could we ask to be shown if there is something more He would like to show us?  Would He open our eyes even more?  What about our hearts?  Could we ask Him if it is love that is found inside of us?  Are we able to look past ourselves?  Are we able to love even our enemies as He encourages us?  Or have we hardened somehow to those who would harm us or threaten others?  Is there still hope for us?  Will we be able to see today?  Can He open our hearts to love?  Will we open those hearts to love as Jesus loves?  Will we let the love of God flood in and through us today?  Are the words and prophesy of hearts and blindness going to work their miracle of healing in us too?

Dear Jesus, let us take this chance to walk with You.  Let us examine our spiritual condition right now.  Show us how to see the things of God.  Open our eyes to see where You are moving.  Open our hearts too.  Let us turn to You!  Let healing begin!  Let our hearts open wide!  Let the love of God fill and overflow us today!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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