Giver And Gift

Giver And Gift

Then Jesus cried out, “When a man believes in me, he does not believe in me only, but in the one who sent me.  When he looks at me, he sees the one who sent me.’  John 12:44-45 (NIV)

Nearly everyone has had at some point in time a prized gift that was given to them.  That treasure that warmed our heart has the capability to work magic.  When we lay our eyes upon this special present, it can instantly make us think of the one who gave it to us.  If our relationship to the giver is a cherished one, then the remembrance of them comes to us.  We sense a special moment fondness and we are uplifted with pleasing sensation of endearment to the giver.  The gift becomes a sweet tie that bonds us together and brings us closer in heart.  It strengthens our relationship and can remind us of our dear one as often as we think of it.  If our relationship is not that close with the giver, it still can serve to draw us together.  These are some of the delights the gift can bring.

A gift can also be taken another way entirely.  It can be received with a different lean of heart.  It can be accepted with physical and selfish intentions.  It can be prized merely for the imagined value brought only to the one who receives it.  It can be taken without thought of the one who gave it.  This gift too may bring some delight, especially if it is of monetary worth.  But it could easily be made cheap if comparison arises or someone else is found to have a better one.  The value of receiving a gift only for what it brings to the receiver loses an immense treasure that could have been brought had it warmed us to the giver.

Jesus speaks of a Gift that is incomparable in size and worth.  Its worth has not, and cannot be fathomed by mankind.  He speaks of God´s gift to His lost children.  He speaks of the Son of God sent to make a Way for us into the Presence of God.  It is the priceless gift of Salvation.  It brings us Home to the Lord.  This kind of Gift cannot be bought or sold.  We can try to receive it only for what it brings to us.  But our joy will be limited.  But if our Gift makes us think often of the Giver, than the thrill and enjoyment is without bounds.  We can be drawn nearer in spirit each and every time we are aware of this wonderful Gift.  Every moment we sense the priceless Gift we have in Jesus, our hearts can be warmed to God.  We are endeared unto Him.  The Gift brings Its intended reward.  It is neither monetary nor merely physical.  This kind of Gift benefits us on uncountable levels.  Nothing in the entire universe can place a limit on what God´s Gift of His Son can bring into our lives!  This Gift has been given unto us!  It is ours for those who choose to receive Him!  How will we receive this Gift today?  Will It Bring us closer to the Giver now?

Dear Jesus, thank You for becoming our most prized Gift.  Please awaken us to see the limitless size and worth that having You can bring!  Let us receive You with thanksgiving!  Let this Gift that God gives us, draw us closer to Him!  Let it place an insupportable weight of gratitude and love for Him within our hearts!  Let us receive our Gift of Love in a Way that makes us constantly drawn to God, the Giver!  Let us see Him, through You we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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