See The Light

See The Light

‘I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.’  John 12:46 (NIV)

Have we seen the Light?  What do we usually mean when we ask this question?  Do we normally try and make it describe a calculated decision in favor of the Bible being true?  Do we like to use the words to mean that finally a person sees Jesus as an important Piece in God´s great plan for our race?  Do we use it to make a distinction between people who blunder along on their own, and those who profess their belief in Christianity?  Ask any Christian and they will be happy to respond quickly that we have.  But can we be so sure?

Do we really think the Lord burdened the Holy Scriptures to be written in a way that our Salvation is available only to the clever?  Do we truly think that God is available only to those who have the ability to weigh the facts and come out with a more educated conclusion?  Or could the Lord be closer to us than we think?  Could He actually want some contact to come out of His efforts to draw us unto Him?  In our superior thinking age that we live in now, we love to think we have everything figured out.  We have numerous teachers and countless studies to prove how expert we are upon the subject of God and His Son.  We are all susceptible to limiting our Lord to our way of thinking.  But whenever we place any limit upon God, are we not treading on some pretty big toes?

God is not Someone or Something that can be figured out.  He is not a theory that can be proved through hours of study or mountains of proof.  He Is alive!  He Is Spirit!  He inhabits eternity!  He creates and sustains all that we see!  This includes us!  He is here!  He is moving!  Have we seen Him?  Have our eyes been opened to the awareness that He is near?  Has our heart been overwhelmed with the strength of His love?  As one senses the presence of someone moving near them, has our spirit leaped within our soul as it realizes its Father is here?  Have the Scriptures come alive with a thousand sweet enlightenments which show us daily that it is not cold theory?  Do they bring us into contact with Who we seek?  Have we gladly focused our sight upon the Son God sent to us as a perfect Way to gaze into the Mysteries of Heaven?  Has a realization poured over us as we see He is a reflection of His Father?  Is it a beautiful sight!  Is it something more than a cleverly worded phrase written within the covers of a book?  Do we see the Light?

Dear Jesus, please don´t let us stay in the dark. Show us the Light!  Flash across our awareness today!  Open our eyes!  Clear the shadows so that we may see You are here with us!  Burst through our theories and our studies! Let us step into the full Light of Your Presence we pray!  For this You have come!  Let us be with You!  Let us see the Light!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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