Evil At Work

Evil At Work

The evening meal was being served, and the devil had already prompted Judas Iscariot, son of Simon, to betray Jesus.  John 13:2 (NIV)

We could be tempted to overlook the evil that is at work in our world and in our lives.  As Christians we tend to look to more positive thoughts. We love to talk up the benefits we find in our faith in God.  We love to look at Jesus´ victory over evil.  We have some ideas formed over the power of evil and the devil.  But do we ever stop to wonder just what we are dealing with?  Do we think that with a few declarations of liberty firmly disputed we can escape the dangers that have befallen others like us before?  Jesus´ work in the restoration and salvation of our race will take us an eternity to marvel over.  But can we measure the havoc that has been brought to our universe by His evil counterpart?  Would it take nearly as long for us to assimilate all the pain and deviousness that He has been capable of?  Could we be severely underestimating this dark force each time we brush off the warning of him so lightly?

Being spiritual in nature, we humans have little authority or understanding when dealing with the mystical realms.  Although some may think they are the experts, how far could they have traveled down the road to knowing this dark and dastardly force?  Is the Bible by far our best insight into which we may understand what is going on when we consider the bad that is about in our planet?  Would we be wise to let the Scriptures teach us as much as we may need to know about evil?  It might not be healthy to dive too deep into such shady natures, but should we at least be aware of the devil and his dark intentions?  Should we be warned that he is definitely up to something and more than capable than coming between us and our perfect imagined outcome?  Would it be wise to open ourselves to the instruction Jesus brings us?  Could we nudge in a little closer to Him as we hear of the size and force of our race´s adversary?  Should we resist underestimating what lengths the devil can and will go to just to ruin our chance of returning to our God?

We do well to do whatever we can to stand on the winning side.  We need to declare our faith in Jesus often and choose Him in every moment.  But we might also do well to remember that the devil came between even one of Jesus´ twelve Disciples and Him.  Into the midst of those closest to Jesus, evil managed to find a way to bring his deceit.  Perhaps we should learn a lesson from this.  Maybe we could squeeze a little tighter to the hand that guides us.    Could we take another step in the direction of our Lord?  Could we open our hearts to our Saviour and let Him examine with us daily if we have left some room for evil or selfishness to creep in?  Is there any way that our eyes have wandered from our Master and our friend?  Are we focusing in any way more on what is happening around us or this enticing place where we live?  Shall we carry with us always a firm reminder that evil is still at work?  Would it give urgency and direction to our daily walk?  Would it make us want to be closer still to the only One who can save us?

Dear Jesus, draw us closer still to You!  You taught us often to be aware of the enemy´s snares.  Please do not let what happened to our brother Judas happen to us!  Don´t let us leave any room in our hearts for evil distractions to separate us from You!  Nearer to You will be the cry of our heart!  More urgently and more fully we ask that You fill our eyes and our souls!  Evil, for now is still at work.  As long as it is, set us hard after You we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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