Jesus Knew

Jesus Knew

Jesus knew that the Father had put all things under his power, and that he had come from God and was returning to God;  John 13:3 (NIV)

We make religion into an intricate maze that takes much study just to play the game.  But was that the design of God?  In one short text, can we find most of what we truly need to know?  If we were able to digest what is involved in this one short description, would our spiritual walk find enough to focus our lives today, and forevermore?  Would it help us in some Way to analyze it now before the Lord?

First we find Jesus.  Jesus is essential to the one who would come to God.  This is what the Bible teaches.  Religions may try to add or remove prerequisites.  But what is the bottom line?  Where does it lie?  Could Jesus be the answer for nearly all our real earthly concerns?  Could He be just what is called for in every instant?  Could He be our only hope in any lasting outcome?

Next we attach knowledge with Jesus.  “Jesus knew.”  What does that mean?  Do we know?  What does the Spirit whisper to us as we consider the Son of God?  Do we ever get quiet enough or still enough to hear Him?  Does He confirm that Christ is our tie to God?  Is He telling us to listen to Jesus?  Does Jesus know what we need to know?  Is it He Who brings us into the Presence of the Father?

Then we talk of power.  God hands authority only to One Who is worthy of wielding it.  Jesus heads towards the cross.  He willingly carries the weight of our sin and separation.  But does He also need to show the powers that be, that God is love?  Does He accept crucifixion to even His right to the throne?  Does He let men kill Him to show us all how far God will go with His love for us?  Does this purify and justify our need to draw near to Him?  Does it prove that God is more worthy of our devotion than even our own interests are?   Does it make clear that choosing to seek Him is far better than letting the world or the devil divert our love?

Jesus knew He came from God.  Do we know that?  Do we really know that?  Has it dawned upon us the significance of this gift unto mankind?  Do we realize that it is for us individually too?  What does it mean to us personally?  Do we ever think of the size of gesture God is giving to us right now?  Is He offering us His Son?  What is our reaction?  Are we embracing Him?  Is our religion or our opinions of worship bringing us into a full and intimate relationship?  Do we look to see Him moving in our lives?  Do we talk with Him?  Do we listen to hear His voice?  Is our heart welling over with the love it cannot contain for this Gift that comes to us from God?

Lastly, Jesus knew He was returning to God.  Would it be eternally beneficial to us as well to know the same?  He knew where He was heading.  Do we know where we are going with all our fanfare?  Is it bringing us closer to God?  Is it really?  What do we use as proof?  Is it refined living standards?  Are we taking as proof a finer study of the written Word?  Or are we pressing beyond all that?  Are we witnessing the power of God at work around us?  Is there a Presence that we are becoming more and more aware of?  As our relationship grows, do we find our God looming more into focus?  Is He the reason we live?  Is into His Presence the only place we want to go?  Is this what we know?  Jesus knew!

Dear Jesus, let us learn from You! Let us follow You in every Way!  Let us follow You right into the Presence of God!  Let us know now, what You would have us know!  Let us come this close to You today!


By S.D. Wonenberg.

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