To Have Part With Jesus

To Have Part With Jesus

“No,” said Peter, “you shall never wash my feet.” Jesus answered, “Unless I wash you, you have no part with me.”  John 13:8 (NIV)

Have we just stumbled upon one of the great truths of Scripture?  If we have only started following the Lord or if we have been part of the body of believers for some time, is this one point crucial if we want to have anything to do with Jesus?  Is this a dividing line which sets us on one side or the other?  Could we use this to test whether or not our faith is real?  Could it be a sign as to whether we are truly followers of Christ?  Or are we just parading under the name of Christians?  Are we letting Jesus wash us now?

The first answer to cross our minds and one we would surely defend heatedly would be that we are.  But can we be so sure?  When dealing with matters that hold eternal consequences, should we tread with caution?  Should we always tremble a little when eternity is at stake?  Should we always bow ourselves in prayer at any occasion where our faith is questioned?  Should we always step a little closer to the One Who sees beyond even our own susceptibility to deceiving ourselves?  Should we come often to our Saviour?  Can we examine with Him the condition of our hearts at all times?  Could our spiritual health be important enough to take this kind of care?

For those who have made up their minds to go beyond the routines and rituals of worship, this invitation to walk through their heart with their Lord may come as a sweet blessing.  To this kind of seeker, the words of Jesus take us by the hand.  They gently draw us nearer to Him.  They set us hard upon His heels and ever closer to our Home.  He speaks of washing.  He mentions feet, but do the word of Jesus ever stop with the first physical interpretation we come to?  Does He normally mean something a little deeper?  Does He always attempt to draw our attention to something which brings us into relation with God?  Are His words spiritual in nature?  Do they forever point us Heavenward?  Oh, how could we ever suffer to let the interpretation fall only upon our feet?  How could we lose a chance to bring ourselves before the throne of God?  How can we look only to whether our physical bodies are clean enough?

To the genuine seeker, Jesus´ words pierce our souls.  He says that if He is not washing us, then we have no part with Him.  Does this place us in the hot seat?  Do we sense the Judge and jury holding their breath to hear our defense?  Where do we stand?  How much cleansing is going on inside of us?  How close are we, to the Only One Who can pay for our failures?  Who can wipe away the filth that enters deeper than our pores?  We could use soap to scrub the surface, but how well do we know the One Who stoops to clean where we cannot go?  Are we sitting back like Peter, in some level of pride and withhold from Jesus the full right to our soul?  Or are we truly letting go and humbling ourselves?  Are we letting Him touch us intimately?  Are we letting Him that close now?  Are we really letting Him wash us today?  Are we going this far to have part with Jesus?

Dear Jesus,

You humbled Yourself far more than we can imagine.  You do this out of love.  Please help us to lay down our pride.  Let us come to You for cleaning.  But let that cleaning reach even to the depths of our soul.  Cleanse us to the core!  Make us white as snow so that we can approach the Lord!  By Your side and with Your help we will one day stand before God!  Do whatever You need to in our hearts and our lives today so that we can have part with You!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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