Understand Later

Understand Later

Jesus replied, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.”  John 13:7 (NIV)

Jesus gets up from the table.  He wraps a towel around Him and prepares to wash His Disciple´s feet.  Here He is, the Master!  This is the Teacher!  This is our Lord!  He is our Saviour!  And He is down on His knees.  He is performing an unfavorable and degrading task for those who serve Him.  When He gets to Peter, He is stopped.  Peter sees the incongruity of the One he looks up to, being humbled before him.  It seems wrong.  Christ should be lifted up.  He should be celebrated and adored.  How can we come to terms with seeing our Lord going through with such shame task as cleaning us?  Jesus responds by pointing out that our confusion over His actions will one day be understood.  Now we may not see the point.  But later it will bring its reward.

We are Peter too.  At least we should hope we are.  Peter was a devote follower.  He still went on to deny Jesus.  But when he realized it, He swiftly repented.  He determinedly cultivated his faith and love for Jesus Christ.  He became a pillar in the founding of our faith and that of the believing community.  Yet Jesus had to show Peter that some things are beyond our grasp in the moment that we are experiencing them.  Could nearly everything we come across in this life be similar?  Might each day we spend with the Lord uncover more wonderful truths of the One we love?  Does it perk our interest to follow Him further?  Does it make us want to draw a little closer to Him when we realize that He is like this?  Is it immensely enticing to know that if we press forward in our relationship with Him, that we may make some new discovery into what He is like?  Will it continue to thrill us to the core each time He awakens our awareness to some new aspect of what He is working on in and around us?  Can we be like Peter and let our Saviour lead us into the limitless realm of His wonder and awe?

Today as we look at our own situation, how will we take it?  Will we refuse our Lord?  Or will we accept His humble and purifying work?  Will we let Him clean us too?  Could we drop our silly ideas of what is higher or lower in levels of our pride?  Could we forget for a moment our tendency to pretense?  Could we look upon our Lord with love and devotion?  Could we place our focus on what He is accomplishing in us for God?  Could we ask Him where He is working and how we can bring our hearts into union with His?  Could we exercise a little faith and look for the day when our eyes will be opened?  Could we stop thinking we know it all?  Could we open ourselves to be amazed, astounded and intensely uplifted by the dawning reality of our Lord?  Who will join Peter today in the rewarding delight of understanding later?  Who wants those joys too?

Dear Jesus, so much we still can learn from You.  Please do not let the significance of Your humble task of cleansing be lost on us.  Remind us again that we will soon see!  Speak to our hearts and tell them that we are in for some fantastic realizations to come!  Open our eyes to see Your movement and let nothing within us resist Your work today!  Lead us forward in hope and faith in You we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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