Do We Get It?

Do We Get It?

When he had finished washing their feet, he put on his clothes and returned to his place. “Do you understand what I have done for you?” he asked them.  John 13:12 (NIV)

Jesus performs a ritual cleansing on His Disciples.  He humbles Himself. He does the unexpected.  He, the Master, takes on the task of the servant.  He does it out of love.  He does it out of selflessness.  He does it to take a burden off of others.  He does it because this is what God is like.  He does it because it brings us together.  It bonds in a special Way.  He does it because a gesture of love from God cleans and restores men unto Him.  He does it because only He can do it!  Only the Son of God can truly wash us clean.  When He finishes demonstrating His love and sacrifice, He asks His followers if they get what He has just done.  Do they?  Can they fathom the depth of what He is teaching them?  Do we?

What is it that we learn from what Jesus did today?  Do we just read it and get a warm sensation to know that the Son of God humbled Himself?  Do we feel good knowing that He loves mankind enough to perform even a lowly task for us?  Do we receive less by thinking that Christ was only doing this for the sake of those who were with Him that day?  Do we think our God is so small that He just wanted to express Himself only to them?  Do we think Jesus took the time and effort to get up from the table merely to show the world how much he cared for Peter, John, and the rest of the twelve?  Do we look at the story to see how those people benefitted from Jesus´ act of kindness?  Or do we get a special blessing whenever we are made to consider the gestures God shows us?  Do they work some kind of miracle of love within our hearts when we examine them?

Whenever we read the Bible, it has the ability to speak to us if we work along with the Holy Spirit.  If our hearts are open unto Him, instruction can come from any page.  We can be drawn closer to the Lord in any given moment.  If we work with the Lord, than the sweet blessing of the stories and teachings of Jesus do not need to stop only with those described there.  We can become the receivers of the treasures of the Lord.  We do not need to wait for some future day when the skies will be peeled back.  Right here and right now some part of Heaven can be opened up for us!  Something that holds us from experiencing God more fully can be altered just enough for us to squeeze a little closer!  That blissful bonding can occur to us now!  Jesus can be ours!  His gestures of love, His sacrifices, His loving expressions can come home to us!  Do we get it?

Dear Jesus, thank You for all that You have done.  Help us today make this great connection.  Help us to get the fact that You did not intend for us to miss any movement or Yours.  Open our eyes to see what Your gestures present and past can do for us to draw closer to You right now!  All the complexity of our existence will be made simple when we realize that Your arms are open for us to dive into.  Help us to get it!  Help us now!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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