Blessed If…

Blessed If...

‘Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them.’  John 13:17 (NIV)

Jesus has just shown us how even the Prince of all God´s creation humbles Himself out of love for others.  He teaches that no servant is greater than their Master.  He says that no messenger that carries the news is greater than the One who sent them with the message.  And then He pauses to ask us again if we understand.  Jesus, our Master directs His attention on those who follow Him.  The One Who gives us His message to tell the world, stops to see that these things are sinking in.  He tells us now that we know; we will be blessed if we carry His words out!  Is He getting His point across?  Has it reached even to us?

We who call ourselves Christians today like to pat ourselves upon the back.  We congratulate ourselves that we have the truth.  We gather together in like-minded congregations and feel the superiority that comes with our enhanced understanding of the Bible.  We go out into our daily routines and into the world we live in often thinking that we have an edge over our less-informed brothers and sisters.  We look at those who still have not come to know the salvation we have found in Christ.  We may detect even a sense of pity for them.  They may not stand the chance to receive all the blessings that have been promised us.  But for all the patting of our backs and our good-feelings, might we be forgetting something?  Is there still something more to be done for us before we can be ushered into our promised land?

Jesus takes the time to assure that we are getting the point.  Every time we come across His scrutiny we have the opportunity to sit as if in the front seat in His classroom of life.  We can sense His enquiring gaze.  We can allow His words to penetrate us again.

For the serious seeker we then permit His statement to judge us in the deepest part of our heart.  His words balance between what we already know of what He wants for us, and how much we are actually accomplishing.  If the Lord calls for a meek and humble character, are we reaching that state within us?  Are we even trying?  If we cannot get a handle on it, do we come to Him for help?  If the Saviour asks us to follow Him in sacrificing of ourselves and our time to the eternal benefit of others, are we managing to take those steps?  How much of our own agenda are we giving up to see that our neighbors are eased of suffering or helped to find God?  If Jesus tells us to walk looking upward to Heaven instead of focusing always upon the delights of our current home, how successful are we in filling our vision with Him?  If Christ says put others first or God before even our own desires, are we doing that?  Are we really?

We have been told that the blessings of God will surely come.  If we read and listen carefully to the encouragements of Jesus, we will know what He is sharing with us.  Shall our prayer today be that we have His assistance in finding the right attitude?  Shall we go to Him to find how we can be blessed if….

Dear Jesus,

You bring us everything we need.  You bring us hope.  You bring us pardon for ever leaving the Presence and will of God.  You bring us instruction.  You bring us help.  Please assist us today to take full advantage of all Your blessings.  But to do this we will need You by our side!  To make it through all that mounts up against us, we need You to work in us and with us.  Guide us now as we respond to You.  As You show us where to place each step, help us to actually do just that in a Way that pleases our God!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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