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‘I tell you the truth, whoever accepts anyone I send accepts me; and whoever accepts me accepts the one who sent me.”  John 13:20 (NIV)

If someone were to come to us now and say they were sent from Jesus to give us a message, what would we tell them?  How would we take them?  Would we be a bit skeptical?  What if we were to say that someone has come to us today from the Lord?  Would people look at us weird too?  The truth is that someone has!  Someone always does!  We may not realize it in the moment.  We cannot always see where God is working.  But that person, who gave us a friendly smile in the parking lot, may have just been what the Lord knew we needed in that moment.  He has never stopped working.  His gestures to the Children of God have never ended.  He doesn´t even sleep.  He has never rested.  And He is not resting now!

What exactly do we believe Jesus came to do?  What has He ever done?  What mission does He tell us He has in this existence we call life?  Did He come to lay out for us a set of rules to follow by rote?  Or is He the One Who is sent to us to personalize our faith?  Does He come to show us God?  Does He try to give us a clear image of what we are shooting for?  Does Jesus always bring us truly to the Father?  Does He cut past all that we place in our way and work to actually get is before the Lord?  Does He show us what Love Is?  Does His sacrifice provide what is needed to mend our broken relationship with God?  Is it still working now?  Will the work Jesus does inside of us today be what makes it or breaks it for us for all eternity?  Do we accept Him in this Way?  Do we do this in all honesty?

If we have come to believe that Jesus has risen, then we have hope.  We are set free from the concept that we will never make it to our Father and our God.  We have One Who can get us there!  We have a Friend and a Guide!  We have Someone on our side!  We have Someone Who is working for us!  He is vouching for us!  He is committed to His task!  He is the only One Who could really make it work!  So for that little smile we received earlier, did it work its miracle for us?  Did it bring us closer to God?  Did we receive it as Jesus sent it for us?

If we can receive Jesus in a thousand little ways today, if we can receive the ones He sends to help us closer to Him, are we receiving also the One Who sent Him?  Are we receiving God now?

Dear Jesus,

Thank You for sending us a thousand little encouragements each day!  Help us to receive each and every one of them!  Let them work Your wonders in our lives!  Let every message of love and direction today lift our thought and our eyes to You!  Let Your work in our lives be effective!  Let Your touch bring us to God!  Open us to receive You and everything You send us we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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