For A Reason

For A Reason

“I am telling you now before it happens, so that when it does happen you will believe that I am He.’  John 13:19 (NIV)

Jesus tells us many things.  Do we hear Him?  Are we listening?  Do we set out each and every day to discover more of what He would have us know?  Are His whispers to us what guide our steps?  Is it what we use to get us through the day?  Do we find we are lost if we have not first come to Him?  Must we sense His closeness and His relevancy in what we are doing just to have anything to do with it ourselves?  Is He speaking to us of what still lies ahead?  Are His words warning us of the pitfalls we will face today?  Is He showing us where to set our sights?  Is it helping us reach our goal, that He directs us steadily to God?  Is it eternally beneficial that we follow His encouragement and set our gaze firmly upon Him?  Do we get all this from what Jesus tells us now?  Is there a reason He tells us all this?

For those who care to listen, Jesus´ own words tell us why He shows us what to expect.  If we want to know what He is telling us, we each could write it down.  Every follower could make a quick note of what they have learned from Jesus.  He teaches us of many things.  He comes to tells us of His inside knowledge of the mysteries of God.  He is sent to uncover these points of our Father to us.  Are they important enough for us to examine?  Do we take them serious enough to jot them down?  Go ahead, try it!  What will we find?  Do we hear Him saying that we must join this church or that?  Or does He direct our gaze above?  Do His teachings serve to help only people long dead?  Or do we sense Him preparing us always for a future full of the Lord?

What is the reason Jesus gives us?  Why does He talk so much of what lies ahead for us?  He tells us here that it is so we will believe in Him!  He tells us so that we can see that it is He!  If we know that He is so wonderful and so vital, then we will want to do something about it!  We will want to come to Him!  We will want to know Him!  We will want more of Him!  We will want Him ever closer and ever dearer to us!  Once we can come to terms with our belief, our journey has begun.  For those who truly have listened, they can prepare themselves for overwhelming discoveries!  Can we detect a thrill within our hearts right now?  Could it be because He has given us hope?  Could it be because our ears have opened to His words of herald?  Could it be because He is at work in our lives right now?  Could it be for a reason?

Dear Jesus,

We are listening now.  Show us what You will!  Teach us of what is to come!  Show us what wonders we can learn of God today!  Show us How You could fill us now!  Show us the reason You speak to us!  Show us why You guide us forward!  Show us how to believe in You!  Then shower us with discoveries from now until eternity!


By S.D. Wonenberg

Jesus is still our Way!  Praise the Lord!


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