When he was gone, Jesus said, “Now is the Son of Man glorified and God is glorified in him.  John 13:31 (NIV)

A.W. Tozer spoke of paradoxes in the Christian life and faith.  When we look carefully the Bible is full of them.  Jesus is overwhelmed with the weight of emotion that comes over Him.  His time on earth is nearing a close.  What stands directly ahead of Him is being betrayed, prosecuted and effectively executed as well.  Pain and suffering are on His plate.  Yet the words that come from His mouth in this moment are words of praise.  What we see and what God sees are two completely different things.  We see something bad.  God sees through the bad and easily sees the good that will come from it.  Sure it is terrible.  Whatever must still be experienced may have its sting.  Pain, suffering and loss are still to come.  It must be lived through for the promised blessings to follow.  But the One Who can see the good it is going to bring, says that the temporary discomfort will be forgotten.  When we experience what is prepared, all that hurt will pale in comparison.  When we see God glorified, all that was needed to reach this point will seem so small and insignificant.

How do we react when we consider witnessing the glorification of God?  We know He is good.  We know He is grander beyond our capabilities to express.  But when we contemplate actually witnessing His spender, what do we feel?  Do we think we will be able to contain ourselves?  Do we think we will be able to take it all in?  Do we think that we will be able to gaze upon the glory of God with our unregenerate eyes and still live?  Mankind is not capable of standing in the Presence of God unshielded and unveiled!  He is too immense and too awesome for us to approach in our current state.  The very Son of God was sent to atone for us.  Jesus, God´s only Son had to give up His life to make it possible again.  Without His help and Him with us, it is not only futile to ever think we could come near God, but it would be terminal.

Jesus sees through the hard time.  He knows it is coming.  But He sees God glorified.  He Himself is glorified in the process.  The only thought upon His mind is to further glorify His Father.  No pain, no suffering will deter Him!  He is our perfect example!  He shows us the Way!  He sets our sights on the glorification of our Father in Heaven!  He tells us of His glorious work in bringing us to that point!  He speaks of a work no other could perform.  He speaks of a plan of redemption that makes the angels sing!  He talks of glory that makes the Heavens shout of the glory of God!

We may look at our puny lives and see only the pain and suffering that lay in our path.  Or we can look to Jesus still.  We can follow Him in this aspect too!  We can raise our eyes.  We can raise our voices!  We can lift our praise to the glory of God!  We can set our attention on seeing the splendor and the radiance of the Lord!  Even in our tough times, we can lift Him up!  We can see the Father and the Son Glorified even today!

Dear Jesus,

Thank You!  Thank You for everything!  Thank You for all that You do to redeem and restore us!  Thank You for leading us Home!  Thank You for bringing us to our God!  Thank You for teaching us where to look!  Help us now.  The pain is real.  The times are tough.  Help us to follow You and strain our eyes too, to see the Son of Man glorified in our lives!  Help us to see God the Father glorified in You!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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