Where Jesus Is Going

Where Jesus Is Going

“My children, I will be with you only a little longer. You will look for me, and just as I told the Jews, so I tell you now: Where I am going, you cannot come.’  John 13:33 (NIV)

Jesus came.  He was born.  He grew to a man.  He lived His short life here on earth.  He came to do an unfathomably mighty work.  His ministry was “THE” ministry.  His message to us is “THE” message for us from God.  At the end of His work, He was sacrificed to pay for our sin.  He let mortal man kill Him so that we can again approach the Lord.  He died so that what we do to separate ourselves from God can be atoned for.  When all was accomplished, Jesus rose again.  He laid down His life, and then He took it up again.  The sad ending became a blessed and hopeful beginning.  The story does not stop there.  The story is just warming up.  We have seen so much already, but the end is not in sight!  Where He went next is still waiting for us!  The reasons He came were to bring us to a point which we have not completely reached!  How often do we stop in our tracks and wonder where Jesus is going?  Would it give us a place to focus our sight, our goals, and our entire lives?

We make religion mean a lot of things.  We all use it for something.  Have we considered what each of us is using it for?  If we haven´t thought about it, perhaps we should.  Are we using our religion as a crutch to get through our day?  Are our goals earthly ones?  Do we use our faith to help us get ahead in this life, our careers, or acquire some secret desire here?  Is it merely a warm and receiving social club where we feel safe and secure?  Is our religion for us a pat on the back because there are others who agree with our conclusions and our studies?  Where are we going with our religion today?  Where, where, where?

Over and against where we are going with our faith, Jesus sets us to wonder where He is going.  He says that He is going to a place no man can go.  He says we will look.  But He says that there we cannot see.  Is He talking about a physical place?  Is He talking about a spiritual place?  Is He talking figuratively?  Is He referring to places to give us a sense of nearness or distance?  Does He speak He speak like this to make us think of how close we are to another Individual?  Could it be a closeness of relationship?  Do we stop to wonder?  Does it help to contemplate?

What do we know about where Jesus is going?  Where is He going by talking about going somewhere?  There may be much we still do not know and by our text probably will not be able to know in our current state.  But we do know something.  He has told us.  He is going to the Father.  He is going there Himself.  He is going there with His teachings.  His encouragements lead us there.  His instructions lead us there.  His sacrifice makes it possible for us to get there.  His out-stretched hand is reaching out to us to help guide us there.  His love is urging us forward.  To God is His call.  Can we hear it in our souls?  Can we sense where Jesus is going?

Dear Jesus,

You know where You are going.  Most of the time we still don´t realize where we are going with our lives.  Please be our Guide!  Take away the complication!  Remove our confusion!  Set our sights not on something we cannot yet see!  Set our sights on a Place we cannot go as we are!  Set our desire upon God.  Let Him be where we are going!  Let our Lord be our Goal!  Let going to Him be where we are going now too!  Show us the Way!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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