A Place For Us

A Place For Us

In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you.  John 14:2 (NIV)

Can we imagine how great that house where God lives really is?  When we hear Jesus speak of where God dwells, do we get the impression it is like one of our own houses.  Does it have a roof, walls, windows and such?  Or do we think Jesus is using a familiar example of something we know and understand to help us picture a Heavenly place?  Is this something that we must do a lot when we talk of God Almighty?  Must we try and attach understandable and imaginable things to the inconceivable greatness of our Lord?  Although it does not cover even a fraction of what our God is like, is it simply the best we can do within our limitations?

Heaven is more beautiful and wonderful than our greatest imaginings.  This much we are told.  God has an amazing plan in which He will have the joy of one day revealing these wonders to us.  All we have to do is make sure that we are found to have loved Him enough to seek Him and be worthy companions for Him to share it with us. There are many joys in God that we can experience now but we will have to wait to discover that marvelous land.  There are some concepts about that Place we can actually grasp now.  Do we know what they are?

A thorough and more complete study would be a pleasure and a rewarding task to undertake.  Yet if we examine our text alone what do we learn?  Does it sound like there is room for us there?  Does it mention that it is lovingly, carefully prepared just especially for us?  Are we given this awareness of its existence for a purpose?  Does our Lord want us to have a slight hint as to the immeasurable value Heaven can be to us?  Does it sound as if He is perking our interest in it with just the knowledge of its existence?  But what is the most wonderful thing about the place where God dwells?  Is it because God Himself is there?

Could our Lord and Saviour be handing to us again today the overwhelmingly lovely idea that He is preparing for us a place in God´s heart?  Is Jesus telling us we can be with the Almighty God?  Is there room there with Him?  Do we get it?  Regardless of whether the walls are white or golden, can we actually one day make it into the Presence of the Father?  Whether there is a roof, windows or shiny floors, does it matter?  Do we really need to know?  But the reason we stretch our sight to see that wonderful place should be because that place is where God is.  The place we yearn to be is doesn´t even have to be a physical place at all.  But the place where the true Christian slaves his whole life to reach should be our prepared place in the Presence of God.  Is this the place we dream of?  Are we burning within for the moment we too can be ushered into that place Jesus is preparing for us?

Dear Jesus,

Our imagination runs wild at the mention of the joys our future Home could contain.  But guard our hearts against wanting to see Heaven for those delights.  Let us long for our promised Home with God for one reason alone.  Let us yearn to be with God!  Place a great burning within our souls to make it into our place at the very feet of our Father!  Thrill us now with the thought of His embrace!  Let us wait in breathless wonder to finally reach our place in the Presence of God! 


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