To Be Where Jesus Is: A look at

To Be Where Jesus Is

‘And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.’  John 14:3 (NIV)

Jesus says that He will come to take us to that special Place that He has prepared.  He will take us to be with Him there.

Have we taken the time to let that sink in?

Is it flooding over us right now?

What is happening now within the spiritual realms?  What is our Saviour doing for us at the moment?  Is He actively making all the necessary preparations just beyond our ability to see?  Is He moving all the unseen details into their right and proper place to make our future with God secure?  Is our Lord interceding with the Father and doing everything He can to assure our safe return to Him?  Is He making the last needed arrangements so that He can come back and take us with Him to God?

Perhaps if we could see all that He is doing for us right now, our spiritual lives would not lack for anything.  If we could get it into our heads that Jesus is not  resting, would we be able to see all the little ways He is moving in and around us?  Could the elements and the situations all be working to draw us closer to Him?  Even the worst of situations may actually serve to strengthen our bond and our dependence upon Him.  Could we begin to realize that God is still carefully orchestrating our Grand Reunion?  Could our hearts be warmed and lifted to see that the time is short and soon we will be allowed into the Place where God is?  Would all the trivial distractions melt into nothingness as our vision of the work of God looms into view?  Would our Christianity be transformed into focused collaboration on our part, if we could suddenly see that His hand is moving now to draw us into His Presence?

Jesus says that if He goes, then He will surely return.  He has gone.  All that He promised to do for us there He is surely doing.  What remains is for us to realize that and prepare ourselves for the promised return.  How can we do that?  Is it by memorizing more texts?  Is it by attending more meetings?  Or is it by molding our hearts around His?  Is it by tying our whole soul to His?  Is it by becoming as close as possible to Him in Spirit and in relationship?  Is it by spending as many special moments together in sweet communion that we possibly can?  Is it by needing Him more and more each day?

As our awareness of what is going on in Heavenly realms is heightened, so too will our chances of finding our Way to God increase.  Shall we pray for this realization today?  Shall we ask that Jesus impress upon us again that He is bringing all the pieces together?  Shall we ask Him to show us when and where He is moving in our lives?  Will it help to bring us nearer to Him?  Will it help us prepare too?  Will it make us anxious too to be where Jesus Is?

Dear Jesus,

Remind us that You have gone to prepare.  Whisper to our souls.  Tell us of all that You are doing in and around us.  Tell us wonderful secrets of how You are interceding for us in the Heavenly Realms.  Let our growing awareness move us too.  Let us start to sense the urgency of today.  Let us start to get anxious to be with You!  Let us yearn to be where You are!  Let us burn with our desire to be with You in the very Presence of God!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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