Know The Way #Jesus #To God

Know The Way to Heaven

‘You know the way to the place where I am going.”  Thomas said to him, “Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?”  John 14:4-5 (NIV)

Jesus tells His followers that we already know the Way to the place where He is going.  We know the Way to God.  His Disciples are not so sure.  Thomas speaks for many of us.  He says we don´t even know where He is going, let alone know the Way.  Does this sum up our modern-day religion?  Does it describe the Christian scene around us?  Does it reflect what our hearts are crying out too?

The Word has been preached.  The children of the Lord have been informed.  Nearly the whole world has heard the Good News about God and His Son Jesus Christ.  So where is the confusion?  Why do we feel so far from the Truth?  Why hasn´t all this information sunk in and worked its miracle within our heart?  Why are we unable to see where to place our steps?  Why do we look this way and that for someone to follow?  Why do we wait for someone to tell us where to go?  Why do we listen to the many voices which would tell us what we need to do?

Is it because we haven´t been paying attention to Jesus?  Is there still hardness within our hearts?  Is there something still living within us that would prevent us from gladly placing our hand into that of our Saviour?  Is there an evil force still at work that tries anything to keep us from cuddling in a little closer to our Friend and our Guide?  Is there still some darkness that would put distance between Christ and us?  Is this distance something we should tolerate?

The honest Christian, who is serious about the condition of our souls, will recognize the deep burning within.  We will yearn for a closer walk with the Lord.  The true follower of Christ does not need to wonder, look to and fro, or need to worry.  We can recognize this pain we feel when we find distance between us and our Saviour.  The remedy is still the same.  The cure has not changed.  Jesus will be what gets us to where He is going.  Those who want to be with Him can find their Way.  He will be the Guide.  He will take our hand.  He will lead the Way.  He will surely bring us safely to the Father.  He will get us home to our God.

It is time we stop wondering.  It is time we stop doubting.  Jesus is our Way.  He knows where to go.  He knows where each step should be placed.  We can try to go our road alone.  Or we can edge in a little closer.  We could pay more attention to where He is moving in our lives.  We could stay so close to Him that we too will truly know our Way!

Dear Jesus,

Confusion and darkness would try to divert our attention from You.  But our desire to follow You and our deep yearning to come to God push us forward.  Help us look to You.  Help us to keep our hand in Yours.  Help us to stay so close to Your side that we can follow You wherever You would lead us.  You will be the Way we come to God.  Help us to know You we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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