See God

See God

Jesus answered: “Don’t you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time?  Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father.  How can you say, ‘Show us the Father’?  John 14:9 (NIV)

Can we see God?  Is the Father looming into view?  Is the realization of the Presence of God exploding over our souls?  Are our own spirits soaring in mystic realms before the intensity and wonder of the Almighty?  Are we lifted each day to new and lofty heights?  Do we revel ever more in this brilliant dawning awareness of the nearness of our Lord?    Can we sense His Presence like a mighty Force lifting us and drawing us increasingly closer to Him and to Heaven each moment?  Or is our God still a distant and vague figure to us?  Do we find ourselves with Philip still asking for someone to show us God?

What has all our Christian progress gained us?  Have we merely cleaned up our lifestyle?  Have we merely gained some more pure and respectable goals?  What has coming to Jesus really brought us?  Has He taught us to love all those we come into contact with?  Or do we still choose those whom we will have compassion upon?  Do we look after a few suffering souls but strike out against those who oppress them?  Have we really learned to love our enemies?  Do we really do good to those who would hurt us?  Or can we see that the teachings and the love of our Saviour is working their miracle inside our hearts?  Can we see His nature growing within out of our closeness to Him?

Jesus tells us all we need to know about God the Father.  His ultimate work is to bring us together with the Lord.  Our lives do not need to be lived out in futility.  We can reach the highest possible human goal.    We can see God.  But our vision does not need to be faint.  Our awareness does not need to be frail.  We have been given all that we need to succeed.  We have the perfect picture.  We have a perfect reflection of the unseen and unapproachable God.  We have Jesus!

Once again, can we hear that Jesus is speaking to us?  Can we tell He is trying to communicate with us now?  Shall we try and find a quiet place where we can listen?  Shall we get in touch with where God is moving in and around us?  Shall we look to see where He is moving in our lives?  Could He be telling us again that if we can become aware of Him, that we will be close to God?  If we can sense His Presence with us, He is performing the same work He has always done.  It was true for the doubting Philip.  Could it be true for us?  Could we realize that if we can find Jesus in our lives, than we will also see the Father?  Who cares enough to take the time and effort and look for Him and to find Him now?  Who wants to see God?

Dear Jesus,

We have walked with You for some time.  Speak to our hearts again now.  Tell us that by seeing You in us, that we will see God.  Our life´s purpose can be fulfilled.  Our goals can finally be achieved.  The highest accomplishment of our life can be assured unto us.  We can have all our hearts have ever wanted.  We can Have You!  We can have our Heavenly Father!  We can see God!  Help us to see!  Help us to get as close as we possibly can to You!  Help us now, we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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