God In Jesus

God In Jesus

‘Don’t you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me?  The words I say to you are not just my own. Rather, it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work.’  John 14:10 (NIV)

A window is open between the Spiritual Realm and ours.  Jesus breaks the barriers that separate our two ways of thinking.  He reaches out His hand.  He reaches right through to us.  Can we sense His Presence?  Is it a welcome relief to place our hand in His?  Does it give us immense pleasure and reassurance without end, to accept His guiding hand and let Him lead us forward into understanding?

In our world people and creatures are limited by things like space.  Each has their own properties and lives for the most part separate.  We may tend to hear Jesus´ words and wonder after their meaning.  For this reason Jesus offers us His hand.  He knows we may struggle to see how God could be moving within His Son.  Our human brains look for something to compare His words with.  He is speaking of spiritual matters.  They are not limited in any way by our earthly system of order.  The Holy Spirit or the angels for example need not to be held in position by gravity.  The Son of God bowed Himself to our laws for a time, but the grave did not have enough power to contain Him more than the three days given for it.

God has the ability to work within the laws of nature in our world if He chooses.  But God is always working on levels which we cannot see.  He is God.  Jesus is His Son.  They live forever above and beyond our system.  This is good and right.  It is good for us because they call for us to lift our eyes over even our own reality.  They invite us to look up to them and the Realm which they inhabit.  They point us to the dwelling place of God.  They point us to Heaven where our Father lives!

Jesus attempts to lift our understandings to see that in Heavenly Realms God can and does actually live inside other individuals.   The closer we are in relationship with Him, the freer He is to move within us.  We happily receive this out-stretched hand and can be reassured to know that God is at work.  Our bodies or our minds need not place a hindrance upon Him.  Rather, we can let go of our troubled imaginings.  We can be thrilled to see Him moving in us to do His will.  We can be still and know that He is God.  We can gratefully embrace the fact that He is Spirit and can walk freely through walls if need be.  He can walk right into our soul if we would let Him.  He can get into us like a fire gets into another substance.  He can make us glow with the warmth of His Presence.  He can turn our hard metal hearts into a radiant liquid which shines in reaction to finding Him in us.  Our own spirits can burn with love for Him.  We can revel in the flames of Spirit which move through us, always refining, always purifying, and always drawing us closer to Him!

Dear Jesus,

Let us take Your hand.  Walk us through the steps to learn of Spiritual things.  Teach us of the wonders of God and His Kingdom.  Help us understand that God lives in You and You in Him.  Tell us again that You can also come to make Your place within us.  We struggle.  So let us tighten our grip on You.  Give us strength.  Let us be warmed by Your Presence.  Draw us so close that the warmth of Your love is imparted into us.  Let us glow as we come near to Your greatness.  Let the Spirit of God flow through us as the waves of heat flow through the fire.  Let God move in us as He lives in You we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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