No Excuses

No Excuses

‘He who does not love me will not obey my teaching. These words you hear are not my own; they belong to the Father who sent me.’  John 14:24 (NIV)

Now we have it.  There can be no excuses.  Jesus has instructed us.  He has shown us the Way.  He has worked hard.  He has told us much.  He has gone out of His way to make it clear to us.  He has offered us His hand.  He left His cherished place at the right hand of God.  He sacrificed it all for us.  He suffered terribly to make God´s intentions known to us.  He did it all in the hopes of bringing us to the Father.  He died for us and rose again.  He paid the price for us and faithfully gives us the Words God wants us to hear.  He offers us this chance to participate in our own recovery.  He has gone to the Father to work with Him on our behalf.  He is still interceding there for those who would come.  So what is our part?  What are we doing?  Are we sitting back comfortably?  Have we had all our work done for us?  Is this all there is?  Are we already walking a high road of spiritual awareness?  Is the Light of God illuminating all that we see and do?  Is His power demonstrating itself mightily in our lives?  Or is there still some ground to gain?  If there is, what is our excuse for not taking those extra steps?

We could come up with a thousand excuses for not coming closer to our Lord.  We live in a day and age of frantic urgency.  There are a million things to do each day.  We are busy people.  If we don´t have anything to do, society or external pressure would move us to seek something to occupy our time.  There is hardly a minute of our day where we can feel good about stopping our pressing activities and looking to God.  Times of meditation and prayer are more and more being thought of as luxuries.  Not everyone feels they are blessed enough to find time for those precious minutes.

The words of Jesus still float through the ages.  His encouragement still stands.  He calls men to look to God.  He asks that we listen to Him.  In an age of chaotic hurry, who can afford that luxury?  This is not a time where we even know how to listen.  Many think we already know what needs to be learned.  Who can sit still long enough to hear what Jesus would say to us today?  Yet there He is!  He is right beside our God.  He is encouraging us still.  All we need to do is stop for a moment.  All we need to do is to seek Him in prayer.  All we need to do is to take the time and open our Bibles.  His words can come alive again!  He can speak to us once more!  He can teach us today what God wants for us in this moment.  Do we have any excuses for not listening to Him now?

Dear Jesus,

We take You at Your Word.  We hear that what You would tell us now comes straight from the Father.  Help us to listen to You today.  Help us to overcome the stress and urgency of our time.  Teach us to be still once again and know God Show us how to tune ourselves to You in a world of frantic activity.  Show us how to hear Your wish for us in everything we do.  Who should we love?  How shall we love?  How can we demonstrate our love to You?  Guide us now into a closer and sweeter walk with You so that we will have no excuses but are free to love You forever!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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