Who Can Have #God

Who Can Have

Then Judas (not Judas Iscariot) said, “But, Lord, why do you intend to show yourself to us and not to the world?”  John 14:22 (NIV)

Why do some come to experience God in their lifetimes and others don´t?  Can´t everyone come to Jesus?  Is there some kind of selectivity going on up in Heaven?  Why do some get help and others don´t.  What is happening here?  Should we be suspicious about what God is up to?  Or is Jesus trying to help us understand some important concepts about our condition and of our faith?

Jesus is telling His followers that they have a great opportunity.  For those who follow Jesus an incredible Gift can be given that will help us on our journey to the Father.  We can have the Holy Spirit come and enter us.  We can have Father and Son making their home deep within us.  They can move and mold us.  They can show us where to place each step.  They can teach us constantly.  They can give us strength where we have only weakness.  The Lord living in our hearts can move powerfully.  He can bring us steadily to God in Heaven.  But what explanation does Jesus give as to why some will have this unseen Force working in their favor?  Why will some fail to receive any extra help?

To answer, Jesus repeats Himself.  Whenever Jesus repeats Himself it is for a reason.  He does it often.  We would do well to take note.

The Teacher states again that those who love Him are the ones who assure that they don´t miss out on anything.  He says that those who are sufficiently moved by Him and His teachings are the ones who will do what it takes to have this great Helper come to be with them.  Does this describe us?

We humans today have a tendency to depend upon our education.  We depend upon our intelligence.  We depend upon our experience.  We depend upon many things that are merely human dependencies.  We are weighing things ourselves.  We are judging our situation and our remedies.  We stubbornly stick to our familiar expressions.  We stand firmly on decisions we made long ago.  But Christ calls for something more active.  Jesus asks that we look away from ourselves.  He wants us to walk each moment with Him.  He asks us to depend upon Him and the work of God in our lives.  We need to be tuned to Him to know where and how He is moving.  Do we do this each moment of every day?  Should we?

If we read Jesus right, we should be able to see that none of His teachings or commandments can ever be separated from Him.  That to continue following Him means that we get ourselves intimately close to Him.  We should walk with our eyes firmly set upon the One we love.  We should do everything as if we are doing it for Him.  When our faith reaches this level of dedication, all the power of Heaven can be activated in our lives.  We live not for ourselves, but for the glory of God.  We live not to please ourselves, (an impossible task without the help of an intimate Friend), but to please the Lord.  God is looking for those who would love Him completely.  Jesus is promising the Presence and help of the Holy Spirit to those who truly want to have Him in their lives.  Any exclusion from having what the Lord offers is something we have chosen over Him!

Dear Jesus,

You have promised us much.  You promise to send us an unseen Friend and Guide.  Let us not stand in the way of the Holy Spirit.  Let us choose an attitude which will permit His coming to us and filling us to the full.  Give us a spirit of love.  Fill us with love for You and our Father!  Let that love and commitment to You guarantee that Your Spirit may happily move us in any Way He sees fit.  Let the Spirit of God move powerfully in those of us who love You today!  Let Him bring us surely to God we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg



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