Friends Of Jesus

Friends Of Jesus

‘I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.’  John 15:15 (NIV)

Jesus calls us His friends.  He calls us His friends because we follow Him.  But is it wise to consider how He can call us friends?  Is there more than just one way to follow somebody?  For us to boast friendship with the Son of God is there some kind of requirement on our side that should be fulfilled?  Or can we just waltz in and sweep up all the winnings because Someone we hardly know paid the price?  Would it be essential for us Christians today to take a good hard look at our relationship with Jesus to determine whether or not our confidence is substantially grounded?  Or are we too arrogant for that?

First of all Jesus uses the word servant.  Is this because this is what we should actually be?  Even though Christ may in His heart see us as something different, could this be just the attitude He may need to see in us before He can open for us the floodgates of Heaven?  Could our rightful relationship towards the Divine always be one of submission and devoted service?  Should the slightest awareness of what our Lord desires spur us to come running to Him to see what we can do to please Him?  When Jesus draws our attention to the fact that He is choosing to call us something different, should we be grateful for His gesture of kindness?  Should we love Him all the more for refusing to see our lowly state?  Should we be thrilled that He finds it in His heart to overlook our failures and call us intimate friends?

Next He brings us to think of the things He has shared with us.  Jesus speaks of the secrets of His Father´s wishes and the Holy Kingdom.  He opens awareness of these delights to those special friends who take the time and made it important enough to come to Him to learn.  Jesus reveals the hidden treasures of the Holy Spirit and God´s throne to just the sort of follower who made the extra effort to be with Him as He teaches.  Is this what we do with our Lord?  Is it us who refuse the distractions of our world, our busy day, or our enticing times?  Are we the ones who demonstrate ourselves to Jesus as His true and loyal friends?

Yet when Jesus speaks of the reason He can call us friends, He mentions that those He chooses to call by that name possess something.  There is something that they have.  They were given a privilege and a gift.  Those blessed souls whom Jesus calls His friends are given the very thing that He receives from His Father.  We can be Jesus´ friend when we know what it is that God wants us to know.  What is it?  Do we know?  Are we listening for Him?  Where will we go today to find out?  Is Jesus able to call us His friends right now?

Dear Jesus,

What a wonderful thought, to be called Your friends!  What more could a mortal want?  Yet even as our risen King tells us of the bond we share, we see our insufficiency.  Take us by the hand!  Lift our eyes to You!  Teach us!  Strengthen us!  Tell us again all the wonders of our God!  Tell us that the Father is near!  Teach us to be trustworthy friends of our Lord now!  Be pleased to share with us all the sweet discoveries of God we pray! 


By S.D. Wonenberg


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