Who Chooses Who?

Who Chooses Who?

‘You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit–fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name.’  John 15:16 (NIV)

We Christians constantly make a subtle yet consequential mistake.  Because we are the ones doing the thinking, we unconsciously believe that we are the clever ones.  Our error is in a misplaced confidence in how much of our religion comes from us.  We think that we have been the smart ones and saw the benefit in coming to the Lord.

In the beginning God!  Our awareness of the Lord starts with this.  Should we come to terms with the fact that God is behind every true and righteous notion?  Should we remember that to seek Him there first needed to be a movement on His side that drew us to that reaction?  Should we take a more humble opinion of ourselves and realize that it is the Lord Who chooses us.  Should we wake up to the fact that the call has always been there for us to come to Him, only that it takes some of us longer to realize it?

Is this why our relationship with Jesus is special?  Can we feel privileged that He reaches out to us whenever and wherever we are?  Can we let our appreciation flow as we realize that regardless of our lack of worth or spiritual maturity, our connection to Him can be sure?  He is what is behind our interest in Him.  Where we would fail, where we would look in the wrong direction, He can bring us back to Him.  He can make something of our faith.  He can do this because it is His work and not ours!  He can assure that we come to know Him every day a little more because He chooses us to seek Him!  Can we stop to contemplate?  Can we wonder at the size of His love?  Can we marvel at His concern for each of us?  Does knowing that Jesus is making the first move today make coming to Him more appealing to our hearts?  Is it a relief not to have to generate our religion ourselves?  Is it a great comfort to know that there is an immense helping hand ready to take hold of our tiny hand and lead us forward?

If we believe that what Jesus says is true, then we must accept that our very interest in Him now is because He is beckoning us closer to Him.  So what could stand in our Way?  Would the only limiting factors be on our side?  Is it us who stand in the way of God´s plans for us?  Are we the ones who are prone to distraction?  Are we the ones who prefer to look to our lives and our preferences?  Could we be taking away our chances for Jesus´ call to come nearer to Him now, if we do not give Him the right amount of importance?  If we choose to place importance upon the pressing issues of our day, what room are we leaving ourselves to hear Him?  He is telling us now that He is choosing us to be His special followers?  Is He asking us to reach a new level in our relationship with Him?  Is He choosing to make this moment a giant stepping stone in the growth of our relationship?  Are we going to give in to the incessant and enticing call of our world?  Or will we in turn choose Him?  He chose us!  Who are we going to choose now?

Dear Jesus,

Thank You for first choosing us!  We would like to return the favor.  Help us to be moved by Your gesture of bringing us together.  All the promised benefits will surely come if we can correctly respond to You today!  Your work in us can bring its fruit.  Answered prayers can be ours.  But all this can only come if we recognize our need to be with You!  So as You have chosen us, let us choose You now we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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