Spirit To Testify

Spirit To Testify

“When the Counselor comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of truth who goes out from the Father, he will testify about me.’  John 15:26 (NIV)

Jesus is making a most beautiful promise to those who care to hear it.  He is offering to us a capable and essential Helper in our desperate times.  He is offering the Spirit that flows out from God Himself.  He is placing within our reach the Holy Spirit!  He is laying before us the One Who will testify to us of our Saviour!  He is promising us the Spirit of Truth to take us surely by the hand!  He can bring us safely to Jesus!  He will show us God!  But who are they that accept this offer?  Who actually steps forward into the warm glow of this Light?  Who takes Jesus´ blessed promise and makes it their own?  Who goes on to revel in the blessings that this Gift of Spirit brings?  Can we really say that it is us?

That the Holy Spirit is at work in our lives may be evident.  If it is not, then quite certainly more urgency should be placed on our part.  We all could actively seek more of His Presence and more awareness of Him.  Anyone concerned enough to press on and demand to see His life-changing effect over them, can and will see progress if they are honest and sincere enough.  But exactly what are we talking about when we consider this Spirit of Truth?  Is He just an unseen Force pushing us to think of Spiritual things?  Is He merely a reminder in our day to think of God?  Is He only a Presence which encourages us to draw near to Jesus our Friend and Guide?  Or could this Counselor be so much more?  Could He be right up there with Jesus in terms of what He can help us with today?

The words Jesus uses to describe our Counselor may give us an impression of a third Person in the Trinity Godhead.  Some people cry down this idea perhaps in an attempt not to lessen their God.  But however we view it there is always a connection.  God and His Spirit are somehow mysteriously and inseparably united.  The Spirit comes from God!  This Spirit draws us to God!  This Great Spirit is true like nothing else we can imagine.  The Holy Spirit Is Truth and brings truth to everything it touches.  Because It is the Spirit of God, any connection to It on our part is connecting us to the Lord.  Therefore this Spirit should be loved and sought with as much intensity and desire as any other aspect of our Christian walk.  Those who would one day stand before God will be those who were blessed beyond measure with this Spirit Who testifies of Jesus.  Is this what we have?

If we are interested in having this Blessing with us, would it be beneficial to make sure that He is truly here?  Will a firm declaration on our part do the trick?  Or is there responsibility on our side if we truly want to see Him alive in us?  If we want the Holy Spirit to work in us uninhibited, will we need to get into gear and actively seek to see Him present and effectively changing us?  Is It something we should pray for?  Is He Someone we should yearn for?  Should we examine our hearts carefully to see if He is really bringing us into a close and personal relationship with our Saviour?  Is the Spirit here to testify with us right now?  Are we that blessed?

Dear Jesus,

You promised to send us our Counselor.  You have told us that He will bring Truth to us.  You have told us that He is a Blessing to us directly from the Father.  Please let that Blessing be ours today!  Send us the Spirit of God.  Send us the Holy Spirit to bring us surely to You!  Let the Spirit´s work be effective in us now!  Let us know You and come close to You.  Let God´s Spirit testify in our hearts now we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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