Who Must Testify?

Who Must Testify?

‘And you also must testify, for you have been with me from the beginning.’  John 15:27 (NIV)

Jesus is preparing us for the future.  He commissions those who follow Him.  He is sending us out to the world to give our testimony.  He would have us spread the Good News of Him and His Father.  He wants God´s children everywhere to know something special.  All throughout the history of Christianity people have heard this call to service.  Many believers have headed off to accomplish the Saviour´s wish.  Those who did not make it to the mission fields might have reinforced their efforts and tried their best in their own communities.  Sometimes we like to think of ourselves as soldiers in an organized army.  We have our orders and to win the battle we must carry them out.  But is there a chance that we have got our bearings a little out of line?  Could we be frantically attacking our mission without understanding what our Master is talking about?

Who is it exactly that we are following?  To Whom are we really pledging our allegiance?  As we march off to do the work, whose work is it that we are doing?  The standard response is that we are carrying out our Lord´s wishes.  We are accepting His commission to service.  But before we can get puffed up on our mission we might want to check to see who He is talking to.  As Jesus gives His words of encouragement, who exactly is He referring to?  Is He talking to every man or woman who might get the urge to call themselves Christian?  Does He want an army of half-informed workers out there spreading a bunch of words?  What word are we going to give?  Do we really know the One Who is giving us this order?

Jesus states plainly that those who have been with Him are the ones that must testify.  That does not mean every person who stepped foot in a church.  He is talking about the ones who actually walked some steps with Him.  His words go out to those who cared enough to get to know Him.  Jesus speaks to those who are not just looking for a comfortable routine or way of life.  He is not only seeking the adventurer or those who aspire to travel to foreign lands.  He speaks to the followers who are willing to give up their comforts and pay what needs paying to have Him in their lives.

Who out there is sacrificing of themselves in the hopes of knowing Him?  Who has left not just a popular way of thinking or living, but really left themselves behind?  Who is the believer who shouldered their cross?  Who is the believer who thought nothing of their own goals and simply coming to find Him?  Who are the precious few who reject all else in the hopes of becoming the dear and cherished companions of the Lord?  Who are the ones that not only wear the name Christian, but are marked on the inside too?  Who has truly turned from their busy lives and walked in the stillness with their precious Saviour?  Who has been by His side from the beginning?  Is His encouragement to testify for those?  Is He describing us now?

Dear Jesus,

We hear Your call to testify.  We want to do something for You after all that You have done for us.  But please help us to get straight just what to testify of.  Let us be the ones who testify to the sweetness of knowing You in intimate experience.  Let us testify that we have walked with You!  Let us testify that by Your side our whole universe takes shape and purpose!  Let us testify that in Your Presence we find our help and guidance!  Let us testify that by You we are saved!  Let us testify that being near You is how we find our Way to God!


By S.D. Wonenberg.

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