Ask In Jesus´ Name

Ask In Jesus´ Name

‘Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.’  John 16:24 (NIV)

Are we guilty of reading the Scriptures and leaving them in the past?  Do we secretly think Jesus was talking only to a few people long ago?  Is this all the instruction we can pull from our Bibles?  Do we believe in a God Who spoke once-upon-a-time, but now has fallen into eternal silence?  Is He that small and powerless?  Or are the words written in the Bible really the Living Word?  Does it have the power to lift us up even now?  Can it instruct us just as clearly and just as pointedly as it did for those described within the pages?  Are we asking nothing more from our dealings with God?

The God we find moving within the pages of the Bible is an active God.  He is concerned with His creation.  He is constantly communicating with His people.  For those who actually do come to Him, He is found unto them in magnificent proportions.  Jesus, God´s own Son, walked with men.  He touched people and they were healed.  He carefully guided.  He instructed with love and direction.  His direction was always consistent.  He worked to place men and women in connection with God.  He will not rest until every last one who cares to join Him, comes into the Presence of the Father.

But what are we making of our religion today?  How far are we willing to take it?  Are we content to leave it buried in the pages of the Sacred Book?  Is our faith reduced to a few hours a week?  Is our religion being convinced of some fine arguments or studies we can agree with?  Is it hearing an uplifting sermon from time to time?  Is it a quick prayer before rushing off to engage in the race of society in which we are being carried away?  Is approaching God something we do to improve our hopes and dreams for ourselves?  Have we made our time with the Holy Spirit so insignificant that we can skip it if we are too busy?

One may not gain many friends to say that Jesus was not talking to everyone when He made His promises to us.  People may resist the thought that Jesus speaks His words of instruction to those who care to hear.  But the truth is that many will not make much of what Jesus tells us.  They are already getting what they ask for from their religion.  Jesus speaks to those who want to know God.  Jesus speaks to those who would follow Him out of a burning need within them.  His words of instruction are for the people who hear Him and go to any lengths to make sure that those words find good soil within their hearts.  He speaks to believers who would find Him in personal experience from what they hear.

Jesus said, and is saying to us now, that we have asked for little or nothing.  But for those who would hear Him, there is eternally more to receive.  Who want to ask for that?  Who wants to ask for more of the Lord today?  Who wants their walk with Him to be infinitely closer now than it was just yesterday?  Who wants to ask this in Jesus´ name?  Is it us?  Will we be the ones who receive?  Will it be our joy which is made complete?

Dear Jesus,

Sorry for all the times we have made less of You or our religion.  We would like to ask for help with our disease.  Restore us please to health!  Restore us to a strong daily relationship with You!  Let us walk each step we take together with You!  Let us become aware of You at all times!  Let us ask nothing less than to be in the Presence of the Divine!  This we ask in Your name!


by S.D. Wonenberg




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